They Came Back!

Maybe you remember last year about this time when we were fortunate to have some workers from a local agency come and help us with our yard and other hard jobs.  Take a look here and see what they did a year ago!

This year we were offered their help again.  This is called the Catholic Heart Workshop and we had two adults and 4 high school students who worked together. 
This is Danielle!

This is Peter

This is Walker, Bailey , Mary and Alex .Bailey is wearing
a dust mask on her head!
I must apologize for the quality of the pictures! It was great fun having them here and they did so much to improve my world!  You know when you get older, its harder to do things and even harder to find people you can pay to do things.  But to get this wonderful group at no cost, who THANK you for allowing them to come and help, that is just one of God's special blessings.

Here is what they  did to my over grown back yard.

This is what it looked like when they walked into it.

This is what it looked like when they finished!

We now have a lots bigger back yard!  Mary loves flowers so she made several flower beds and re-did our big one in front. Next time I will have some more pictures for you of that.

Then they cleaned out our garage, things from three families that just had to go, and now that looks wonderful too.  I can plan a garage sale and get rid of some excess furniture.  They hauled off all the tree cuttings, and somehow talked the trashman into taking everything including two old televisions, paper, plastics, all that was there.  Its all gone and more than wonderful to me.

So my thanks are abundant to Mary and Peter for leading these 4 hard working kids, and they seemed to have fun while they worked. They were amazing.  I also need to thank Mahube agency and
Catholic Heart Workshop for all that they did to make things easier for me.  Everybody my age should be so lucky!

Stella had a wonderful time with all six too!

Cheers and hugs all around,

Jo, Stella and Zkhat


Better weather and Some Treats!

Hello Every Buddies!

Much to everyone's relief it has cooled off a little yesterday and more today (75s!) .  Just the temperature we like!

Our Mom called us for a little meeting in the kitchen, me and Zkhat.


Whats up, Mom?

That nice guy from Chewy's offered to send us another package of treats,  its called Instinct Raw Boost minis in the Duck Formula, we are just to try them and let him know if you like them.

Zkhat says,You know I don't eat treats, Mom, I just eat my food and thats it.  No, I am not going to try them, treats are against my rules. 

The label says they are Freeze Dried Raw Treats for your Playful Carnivore. 

I am pretty much a playful carnivore or would be if I had the chance.  I would be glad to try them anyway!

Stella says '' Very yummy and tasty.  These are too good for Zkhat, I will be glad to have these any time at all."

Mom says they are only two calories a piece which will help Stella keep those numbers down on her scale!  We will work on the playful Carnivore thing.

Wishing you all a more pleasant summer weather,

Jo, Stella and Zkhat


July Thunder Support Group

The Thunder Support Group 
Hello Everybuddy!  This is our July 13th meeting and I know we are gonna have a lot to say, what with the Fourth of July excitement and all the storms around us.  We are having a beaner of a storm tonight and I have been pretty shakey this whole long evening.  It will be just great to hear from all you guys tomorrow.

As usual, we will have water bowls, and lots of treats out to enjoy if your tummy is feeling OK.  If you like closets, we have three pretty good sized ones and you should just make yourself comfy.

We have a good write up for you and your pawrents to read. Have them check this out:
http://pets.webmd.com/dogs/features/dog-storm-phobia  This is from WebMD and while it seems some of these have a lot of the same ideas, this one I thought had a pretty good one, about teaching your dog to  calm with a lead.  Me and my Mom are gonna try it!

My Mom had planned to write up all the names of the pups who have been here, but it is lightning so much tonight she wants to unplug the 'puter.  Maybe tomorrow she can add those.

Whatever time you get here tomorrow, just use the comments and tell us how your July went.  Of the ideas we have sent out, have any been of real help to you.  If so, will you share it with the rest of the gang.?
So, see you in the morning and be strong and brave!

Your pal,



Thunder Group meets this Saturday, July 13th

All of you Thunder Support Group members don't forget we have a meeting coming up on Saturday, the 13th.

We know, just having had the 4th of July, with all of its Racket, plus a few storms beside, we will all have something to talk about.

Treats and a special guest will be available.  As always, lots of closet space as well.

Looking forward to seeing all of you!