Just for Little Reufus

Today I got a nice letter from little  Reufus who congratulated me on  the Sunshine Award I got from Marley.  He told me he has nebber ever got an award and thinks it would be fun.  So I am here to present the Sunshine Award to Little Reufus.  Reufus is all full of fun and exciting activities for a young dog, he loves to blog and his spelling, like Dennis the Viszla is most interesting.

So here is your very own Sunshine Award, Reuf, and I hope you enjoy it.

Now you have to answer the questions:

1. What is your favorite number?
2.What is your favorite drink?
3.Facebook or Twitter?
4.Whats your passion?
5.What is your favorite treat?
6. What is your favorite day of the week?
7.  What is your favorite flower?

You can pass this on to some other people who are deserving,
asking them to answer the questions like you.

Cheers and Hugs,

Jo, Stella and Zkhat


A story of Forgiveness--or not!

Zkhat here.  I just read a post on my special friend Tober's blog where he spoke about a fight he had with one of his assistants (He is the boss of an library in Indiana).  He said that she tried to make up with him but finally a twig of fresh catnip did the trick.  But he said it might not last.

My Mom says forgiveness is a very good thing, and I have a bad memory of something Stella did to me that I cannot forgive.  Quite a while back, when Stella was fairly new here, she did this bad thing that I cannot forgive her for.

She came up to me in the livingroom and sat by me.  I didn't run away because I was trying to not be afraid of her.  What she did was
she put her whole open mouth over my whole head!!!!

You can see how huge her mouth is with all those big sharp teeth in it!   She didn't clamp down so I ran away as fast as my legs would carry me.  My Mom saw this happen so she knows  its true.  Mom came after me to see if I was hurt, but she said there were no bites or hurts on my head at all.  But I say inside my head I was scared enough to last forever.  I stayed upstairs where Stella is not allowed and heard my Mom scolding her for her badness!

We cats never forget people who are kind to us, but we also never forget dogs who put our heads in their mouths and that is why I can't forgive Stella.   Would you forget it if you were to have this happen?

I hope all you cats out there let me know what you would do.  I do know it will never happen again!

Purrrs and headbutts,

Ziva Zophia (aka Zkhat)


An Award from Marley!

We know that lots of you know that fine blogger Marley, originally from China and now living in India, and he gave us an award!  I love to read his blog because he and Lady are always up to some good activity.  I hope you go visit them if you haven't already.

Now with telling you about this award, they always want you to answer a few questions, don't they? Like, f'r instance . .

1. Favorite number?   3 is mine, 87 is Stella's and 1 is Zkhats

2. Favorite non-alcoholic drink?  Stella and I like water, Zkhat milk

3. Facebook or Twitter?   NEITHER ONE!

4. Passion?  Mine is quilting, Stella is collecting stuffees, and Zkhat's is keeping busy.

5.Favorite pattern?  Mine is the log cabin, Stella likes the design on her bed and Zkhat says WHAT?

6.Favorite day of the week?  Before I retired it was always Saturday and Sunday but now its everyday, Stella likes walking days, and Zkhat says she likes the days  there are deli ham slices in the fridge.

7. Favorite flower?  I like the Rambling Roses that grow outside my kitchen door, Stella wants to know if thats what they make pizza out of and Zkhat left about 2 minutes ago.

So you can see we are an exciting little family here, and we are supposed to give this award to 10 people but since lots of people we know already have it, we are going to just  offer it to anyone who wants it.  Take the picture and answer the questions and tell 'em Jo and Stella sent you.

Cheers and hugs all around,

Jo, Stella and Zkhat who wants to change all  her answers but I'm sayin' no!



Some Pics You Might Like!

Hi Evfurry Buddy:

  Today we got a letter with some very cute pics and we wanted to post just a few tonight.  Sometimes I am the last one to get any new pics or videos, and if so, well, enjoy them again!

Isn't this a great picture?  The dog has a bandana with Adopt Me on it!

I love a play on words!

My very favorite was this one and it might be yours too.  Who is saying the words, the person or the dog?

The dog in this picture looks very like the "Cappie" I wrote about in my previous post.

Happy Dad's Day to all, and even the Mom's who are filling that 2nd role too.

All best wishes,

Jo, Stella and Zkhat


Dogs at Work!

Jo here to talk about dogs at work . . .Do most all of you read the Candidae website on Responsible Ownership of Dogs?  In today's informative blog about dogs, they talked about Taking Dogs to Work.

I would have commented to this blog but what I want to tell you is fairly long.  Back about 30 years ago, I worked in a small office that handled volunteer activities.  I was alone there alot and since it was a rough part of town, I got to thinking I might like to bring my dog to work with me.  Also next door to my little office was a Food Pantry that operated with volunteers, open a few days a week.  When hungry people showed up and there was no one there, they rightfully got upset.

So I started bringing my yellow lab/golden retriever mix to work with me.  Her name was Cappie and she was smart and beautiful.  On this one day, I was working at my desk and Cappie was stretched out on the floor, snoozing.  The door from the hall opened and in walked one of the scariest looking men I have ever seen.  He had scars all over his face, arms and hands.  Looked like a prison escapee or something equally as bad.  I could barely say hello, when he knelt down to Cappie, and said "Well, hello Bowser, lets shake hands."  Cappie loved shaking hands, and she did so profusely with him, wagging her tail and looking happy to have the company.  The man then spoke to me, telling me he needed food and when would the ladies be in.  Just about that time, one of the ladies appeared, opened up shop and sent our visitor out with a bag of groceries. 

The worker from the Pantry came in and said "my, he was a rough looking fellow, wasn't he?  He was most polite though and was happy to get what we had to give."

So this was the day I learned from my dog, to always put a good face on, to be polite and not judge a book by its cover!

Jo, Stella and Zkhat


Bandana Day is coming!

Hi Pups and Kitties:

One of my favorite events in Blogville, is the Porties Bandana Day worn to celebrate Portugal Day!  Here  is a picture of me in one of my bandanas to show you how happy I am its almost here.

This year will be a little different, because you will choose the color or bandana you like to wear best!  When you pick it out, have your human take your picture and send it to Sue  before the 10th of June
(today is the first of June) So here are Sue's instructions!

So here's what you do.
1. Dress up in your favorite color or whatever color you have handy. You can wear anything, it doesn't have to be a bandana. It can be a jacket or a hat or wrap up in a blanket of you want.

2. Have your human take your picture.

3. Send the picture to us at   wilcoxhall@ymail.com
    Include your name and where you live, State or Country.

On June 10th come look at our blog and see all the pretty pictures and go visit and make new friends.

We will be a rainbow of dogs and kitties!

OK, I gotta go look for my favorite bandana and get my picture took!


Your pal, Stella