I think we are finally back after working like a mad woman trying to figure out the operation of Windows 8.1!

I have missed terribly reading your blogs, hearing from you, it almost feels like we have moved away, because things are still in an uproar here.  

I need to have my roof replaced and since I use my upstairs as an attic, its full of fabric, furniture etc, that has to be moved or covered before they start, but first they are redoing the downstairs bathroom walls, and everything in there needs to be moved out (empty cupboards,etc).  So my main thought is where am I gonna put these things.  I think I will put it all in  the garage and hope for a good selling or giving day or two to come along.  

Stella and Zkhat are doing fine.  Stella has the most fun being "the Greeter" so as soon as workpeople arrive, she will be in her glory.

In the Dell crash I lost all my addresses so it would be great to hear from lots of you so I could contact you.  Thanks to Gail and Bertie, Kathy the Photog, and Tex for writing me.  No, I didn't lose all my photos in the crash, but had just put the collection up on discs a week or three before,and i am so glad about that.

So next time, we'll have some pics and more news of the re-do!

Cheers and hugs all around,

Jo, Stella and Zkhat