Jo and Stella share a blog post!

Hello Everybody!

When I have read a book 
 that just knocks me out, I really just want to tell somebody about it, and I pick you!

The Round House is the newest book by Louise Erdrich, a very favorite writer of mine, and its about a woman living on a North Dakota reservation  who has been terribly attacked and injured.  The details of the crime are slow to surface as she is reluctant to reveal the details to her husband, Bazil, a tribal judge, and 13 year old son Joe.  From a very pleasant and good family, Joe finds himself being
thrust into an adult world for which he is little prepared. 

Joe has three pals, Cappy, Zack and Angus who decide to help him find answers on  his own.  Joe is a very bright kid, and he knows he has to be very careful about what he is learning.

This book has everything, tragedy, comedy, the spirit world which is very much present in the lives of  Erdrich's all too human characters, along with a tale of injustice that is sadly, an authentic reflection of what happens in our own world today.  I am giving it 5 stars and  it is listed as one of the books being considered for the National Book Award.  If you are unfamiliar with Erdrich's writing, let me recommend her first trilogy: Love Medicine (winner of the National Book Critics Circle Award) The Beet Queen and Tracks.    Let me know if you are an Erdrich fan!
 This is Stella, and I am concerned about what is happening with the Purina America's Pet Debate.  For each vote in the Team Dog or Team Cat contest, Purina will donate $1 to Pet Partners’ Veteran Programs (up to $100,000). You can vote once a day until November 9th and you dogs better get over there because the CATS are beating us as best pets.  Can you believe THAT? For instance in North Decoder where you'd think there are a million dogs who work on farms the score is 72% CATS and 28% dogs.  In the USA as a whole the score is 56% CATS and 44% dogs. Pups. are you ready for this kind of Humiliation?  I can tell you I am NOT.  Once every day until November 9th go to that website and for for DOGs.  I'm serious about this.  Now promise and vote every day, but not for cats, they don't need it, it will take us to the deadline just to catch up to them. 


Walking and Thinking

Hi Evfurry Buddy!  Its Stella here and I want to tell you about some things.  Today my Mom invited me to walk to the Pe-oh with her because she had a package to mail.  Now I am usually a furry good walker (I wasn't always but am now) but today, I just was running around sniffing, and digging up little bits of grass and snuffing every single thing I could find.

My Mom says "Whats the matter with you, Stella, why are you running all around when you should be walking nicely on the sidewalks?"   I had to think about that just a bit, because I wasn't sure but then it came to me and here is what I think it is.

Me, thinking!

I think it is because winter is on the way, and when the snow comes, I have to stick my snooter way deep in the snow to get any of the good sniffs at all.  All the really good smells stay down in the grass and on the ground, and you really got to stick your face in the snow to pick up any at all. This weather of snow is coming very soon! Get Ready!

Here is another important thing.  I visited Lily's blog today,which is Champion of My Heart and learned some important stuff.

I encourage you to vote in America’s Pet Debate from Purina. For each vote in the Team Dog or Team Cat contest, Purina will donate $1 to Pet Partners’ Veteran Programs (up to $100,000). You can vote once a day for 24 days and you dogs better get over there because the CATS are beating us as best pets.  Can you believe THAT?

Thanks for this important info, Lily, and I am glad you are feeling better.

Zkhat was just here, and I asked her if she had anything to say
and she made some comment about the CATS are always the best petz.  Lets straighten her out, should we?

Stella, Jo and Zkhat the wurst pet


October has two important things!

Hi Evfurry Buddy!  What do you think are the most important things about the month of October?

ITS MY BIRTHDAY!  On Thursday, October 4th, I will be six years old and it will be four years that I have lived with my good Mom and dopey cat!  I will probably get a present from my Mom (she knows I love squeaky toys) and we will celebrate with little cupcakes that have frosteen on them.  Yum!  I just can hardly wait.

OK, then the second big deal is that it is National Adopt a Dog Month.  I don't know if my Mom knew that October was for adopting a dog, but that is right when she did it and took me home with her. I had been waiting for her to come for 3 months long!

This is what I looked like when she took me home:

You can see I am much prettier and happier looking now than I was then.  There is an article on the 'net about adopting dogs and one of the most important things is to be patient with them.  I had very bad and naughty ways when I came here, but my Mom stuck with me and helped me be a good dog.  Now I am a good leash walker, and I can do very basic commands, and I shake a paw when anybody wants to!  I love doing that!  I am still scared of thunder and booming noises though, but my Mom tries to help  me with that too.  She wishes I didn't shed so much as I do, but she keeps the vac busy cleaning it up and she doesn't hurt my feelings about it.

So if you are in the market for a dog like me, go visit your local shelter and talk to all the dogs and see which one suits you.  I bet you won't be sorry!

My Mom says we are a family of rescues.  My Mom was adopted when she was a little toddler, I was adopted at 2 years old and Ziva Zophia (Zkhat) our kitty came when she was about six years old.  So adopt, adopt, babies, dogs, horses, donkeys, cats and whatever else you like that needs a home.  Its a good thing!

The rest of you out there,  if you are adopted, tell us your story!


Stella, almost six years old!

We forgot to write down the place where you can learn about adopting dogs.  This is on Karen Pryor's blog which has lots of info for you!