Computer Hospital

Hi Evfurry Buddy!

Me and my Mom are having a terrible battle with the computer and it is going into the hospital tomorrow morning for a tech hands on healing!

We cannot get or send e-mail with words on them which sort of spoils the whole effect, we think.  We hope we are not out of business for too long, since its one of my Mom's primary ways of communicating (being deaf its just the way it is.) 

As soon as we are back in business, we will write another blog post with that in it and we can enjoy starting up all over again.

In the meantime, keep us in your thoughts and we will keep you in ours.

Google says No pictures today, so be it!

Cheers and hugs,

Stella, Zkhat and Jo


So Many Goodies!

'Stella has been "testing" treats from Chewys for the last few months.  Just the job that she has been cut out for!  She has liked all that she has tried but now seems to have met her match!

This is a Chicken and Venison recipe of soft, chewy treats.  The perfect thing to offer when you want to do some training, its a combination of wonderful healthy ingredients like chicken, venison, carrots, blueberries, flaxseed, sweet potato, and apples.  This is a smallish treat, but easily torn into two pieces.It further does NOT contain any meat by-products, wheat, corn or soy, no artificial colors or flavors.  It has an odor that dogs will adore!

Stella tries to figure ways to get a couple of extras every day.  I have never seen this before, but she will sit near the counter where I keep these with her nose up in the air, or she will ask for a couple of extra trips outside (she gets a little treat when she comes in), she will shake your hand until it is ready to fall off, and who knows what else she is planning.  She loves WellBites to the point of larceny.  I think now is the time to begin some serious teaching here, with WellBites as the reward.

Thanks, Mr. Chewy, for this very special treat!  You can find these at Chewys, different flavors and sizes.


Jo, Stella and Zkhat




I had a really nice surprise the day after my birthday, getting a package in the mail.  My Mom knew about it, but she was surprised too.  About the middle of September she answered an e-mail asking for favorite pics of us pets or friends of ours.  She sent in me, Zkhat and Shado!   This is mine.

What I got in the mail was from some people at Chewys and it was a painting of this picture.  Here it is on the wall next to the picture of my Great Grandma.

If you want to see it bigger, just click on it, but I say its a very good likeness of me.  Whoda thunk I would ever have a painting of myself. ???  Me, just a girl from the shelter.  The picture of the Spaniel is really not my Grandma, but she is very pretty, isn't she?  My Mom's friend Mary found it at a yard sale and sent it to Mom because she knew she would like it.  We just pretend she is my Grandma.

So thanks a whole bunch to Chewy's artist that made it.  I just love it.

You just never know what you are gonna get in the mail next!

Happy Weekend evfurry buddy and we are sending hugs all around.

Your pal,
Stella and her Mom



Stella's 8th birthday and gotcha day!

Stella is the sweetest girl I know and I am so happy that I got her
from the Shelter.  Every year, she is just the best, hardly even chases Zkhat anymore.

I was going to just add a few lines to the Road blog with some of her birthday stuff in it, but we ran out of room.  But Stella deserves a whole blog to herself anyway.

She will get her favorite treat today, Pink doughnut holes!  As soon as we can get to downtown she will get a nice present from me.  She still loves to play with her squeaky toys and never demolishes one.

She loves watching the road builder guys drive by in their smaller loaders, but she hates the big digger with the scooper on it.  She feels scared about it, I guess, but she barks them orders about it. 

We hope you are all having a good weekend and we will be happy sharing Stella's 8th birthday with you!

Love and kisses,

Stella, Jo and Zkhat


DSince September 11th, this is what my street has looked like.  Oh, varying degrees of this but generally all torn up.

I often complain that Stella and I do very little
outside of our home, which is why I don't blog too often.  But I thought some of you might just be interested in this.  This dig runs from our block, north one more block, and then up the hill south for I think two more blocks.  They run huge diggers. smaller machines that roll out the dirt, big pickup trucks that transport dirt in various forms. 

The Post Office cannot deliver mail, so we have to walk about 8 blocks (round trip) to a church where they have set up rural type boxes for us.  Oh how I miss my daily 9:30 mail in my box at my house!

Nobody wants to tell you how long this is going to go on and I am very much better at dealing with this stuff if I know.

Here are a few more pix:

Evening before yesterday, they brought in lots of soft nice sand, and took away our berms, then that night it rained all night and my, I almost wish I had my canoe back!  At least they fixed it so it isn't going into our basements!

This is right across from my driveway, with the First Lutheran Church    lot visible.

This is Stella who wants to know what I am gonna do about this.  Wait it out, Stel, thats all we can do.  By the way, Stella is celebrating her 8th birthday and Gotcha Day.