Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello Evfurry Buddy!  We are here to wish you a happy holiday, no matter how you spend it.

My cup runneth over with thankfulness this year and the petz and I will be staying home to do some Christmas sewing and a volunteer assignment.  Its going to be wonderful to have four days to just do what I want to do.

I am thankful for the wonderful friends we have made while we have been blogging and wish you all a happy and special Holiday.

Zkhat and Stella wish you the very same!

 Cheers and hugs,
Jo, Stella and Zkhat


Birthday day!

Hi Evfurry buddy!

You know, I have had a lot of birthdays (today is my 75th) but I can no longer have the one thing I loved the best about them.

It is where your Mom, one of your Aunties or your Uncle, starts telling the story about the day you were born.  All of those people are gone for me, and I miss them everyone.  My adoptive Mom (who was a sister to my birth Mom) really told the best one, the temperature was way below zero (Mid November, not really likely) and the snow was very deep.  They had to get my Mom to the hospital to have me, but the old car got stuck on the railroad tracks, and three people in the car had to push it off and onto the road.  They made it in time, but it was touch and go all the way.  I was born, my mother was fine, but the Aunties who came along and had to push the car off the tracks were the ones who had the hard time.  I got the giggles everytime I heard the tale and I am quite sure it was a TALE.  It did get colder every year and the snow got deeper, thats for certain.

On another story, my Doc wrote me that the biopsies taken are all just fine with no cancer or unusual cells.  I may be good for another year!

Love and hugs,



Missing Days!

This is one of my favorite cat pictures.  What cuddlers they are!

I'm here to tell you about my Monday day at the hospital.  It was most exciting because I planned to ride the bus.  It was cold as could be with winds blowing like mad.  No bus running due to Veteran's Day, no daughter-in-law to drive me, they were having the day off too.  No one at home at my neighbor's house, Dee was working, so I kept trudging along, found someone at the library and asked for a ride (you get nervy when you get old) and the lady cheerfully gave me a ride to the hospital. 

So I am there, get registered, am directed to sit in a lovely livingroom like waiting area.  At 11 am I am taken to a hospital room where I get kitted out for the surgery table.  Then a young man comes in,
and starts asking me questions.  In retrospect, I think they mostly want to know if you have all your marbles (and I do!)  He leaves, then comes back and takes me into the surgery room.  My favorite Doc is there and talks to me for a while, the the young man gives me multi meds (knock out stuff) and I nicely doze off.  I wake up in the same room, everyone says we are finished and all went well.  They take me back to the first room, I get into my street clothes, the young nurse tells me she will call my ride for me and I said make it a Taxi please.  She gave me an appointment with my Doctor for a week away where we will share information and I was picked up and home by 2 pm.  Very efficient group of people!

So no information yet, but just thought you might like a few details . . .did you?  I can tell you this, despite the efficiency and the pleasant group of people employed at the hospital, it will take a long time to talk me back into one of these things.  Why?  Oh, you who have had this know, don't you.  You are forced to drink a gallon of horrible fluid which will clean out your system totally.  Arrgh!  If someone would re-invent a way to do this that wouldn't involve the fluid, people would be lined up to have this procedure!




November 6-8


When I first got my girl Stella, she was from 3 1/2 months residence at the Shelter.  She was the world's worst walker, but every day we seem to make some progress.

The part that was the most fun was people would stop us and ask her name and when I would say "Stella" they would, to a person, do the whole Brando thing, "Stell..ahhhhh!"  It would of course, make me laugh, and make the doer laugh as well.  Stella never having seen
Brando in one of his greatest roles in Streetcar Named Desire, never got the joke.    However, she found pleasure in the merriment of those who laughed and got into a tail wagging thing which was her little laugh, I guess.

A good laugh is one of life's greatest pleasures to me.  I come from a family who, to a person, thinks they are the funniest (me included.)

It never ocurred to me when I named Stella, this would be one of my favorites, but it is. 

Jo, Stelllah and Zkhat

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November 4th and 5th

Hello Everybody!

I am determined not to miss a day in this November/Gratitude blogging but I got sort of sidetracked yesterday.

For many months, I have just not felt very well, very low energy, short of breath, hurting all over but I don't like to talk about what I consider my old age infirmities.  Yesterday I had a long standing appointment with my Doc who when I showed him a wound on my ankle said: "We have very serious things to talk about like the fact your Hemoglobin is frighteningly low!"  He went on to say he was starting me out at the hospital with a blood transfusion (3 pints) and later was scheduling sloping stomach/colon tests to find out where/how/ my blood is getting so low.

I said Doc, I can't today because I have no one to look after Stella and Zkhat.  He said you don't seem to understand, you MUST do this today and let the animals take care of themselves!  Serious!  So I spent from 11 am yesterday until 8 pm last night undergoing blood transfusions.  I even found my good friend Dee to feed Stella and Z and pick me up later at the hospital.

And how to I feel?  A thousand per cent better.  Like the old me, with energy, air and no pain.  We are at the beginning of a journey, and while I thought I was going through old age stuff, I wasn't.

So once again, I am grateful to my Doc, grateful to my friend Dee, a beautiful hospital full of warm and caring staff.  And feeling good!  You just can't beat it!

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November Thoughts

Hello!  We are here to wish you a happy rest of Sunday and we are sorry to be so late posting our November thought.

Today my fellow blogger Teresa from
http://www.run-a-roundranch.blogspot.com  sent me an early letter telling me my name was drawn for her October giveaway.  Its a beautiful little hand-drawn sparrow .
I love the sparrow because I love the old spiritual His Eye is on the Sparrow and I am anxious to have it hanging in my house
So my thought for today is how lucky we are to have good friends , our fellow bloggers that we become close to and love.  And being watched over by the eye who watches the sparrow.
If you don't visit Tex-Wis Girl at the above url, do so and you will find out just how much fun it all is there and how to enter her giveaway.
Jo, Stella and Zkhat


November 2, 2013

We'll let little Zkhat greet you this morning as we carry on with our November musings. 

I have worked all of my life, since I was 17 years old and mostly it was just fine but early on I learned to love, love the weekends.  Two whole days that were all mine.  Even after Mike came along there was still a feeling of vacation for me even though the days were filled with busy work of all kinds. 

Now I have been retired for almost 20 years and I still find myself loving weekends, mornings of sleeping in, long book reads, special things to knit, to sew, friends to drop in and spend time with, cooking something new, being on vacation!

I wish you all a happy weekend, whether you fill it with special things or the ordinary.  Frankie Furter has reminded me to Fall Back and hour tonight so, here is a little present of an extra hour for you.  Who wouldn't be grateful for that!

Cheers and hugs,

Jo, Stella and Zkhat


We're Back!

Hi Everybuddy:

We are happy to tell you that our computer is back from the hospital and in fine shape.  After several days of missing it, I couldn't be happier than to have it at home.

The first blog I read today was Faye's  and she  is at
http://summitmusings.blogspot.com/2013/11/november-gratitude-mosaics-for-autumn.html .  A friend of hers is starting a daily November blog since November is the month of gratitude and since I do a wheneverly blog, I thought this might be good for me, since I do love the month of November.  So count me in even though I am seldom good at doing every single day things.

Let my first bit of gratitude be for friends who transported my computer to the hospital for me, and then brought it home again.  Not driving anymore, sometimes getting things to and from are just a little difficult, but they made it easy today.

My friend also took a sewing machine in for what we thought were repairs, but not needed at all, just some technique stuff made a huge improvement.  She and I had spent very much time trying to do something the Machine Fixer Guy found to be a snap!

So here I am with a fixed computer and a fixed sewing machine feeling most happy on this first day of November.

Lets see what tomorrow might bring!


Jo, Stella and Zkhat