Boomers All Around!

Hi Every Buddy!

Last time I told you next time I wrote we would have lots of pics of our home improvements . . .but none have taken place yet!
We have done all the things we are supposed to, put the work out for bid, and we are almost ready for the roof to be replaced but that can't begin until the electrician appears to remove an old fuse box, and on it goes!I suppose much of the problem is our short summer season and everyone wanting work done between now and fall.

Stella had a hard time with all the booming of fireworks on Independence day(it starts mid afternoon and continues on and on!)She could finally go to sleep when they finished.  The next day she slept away most of the day, then about suppertime we got a huge electrical storm,thunder and lightning in every window and it went on for hours!  Not a break to be had for dear Stella!

Maybe workers here next time I write and we'll try for pictures galore. Sending hugs all around and wishing you all a happy summer.

Jo,Stella and Zkhat (who is not upset by boomers)