Bashful Stella

This is Jo to tell you a story about Stella, who needs some help, friends-wise.

Do you remember when I took a fuzzy picture of what I thought was a Vizsla dog in our back door neighbor's yard?  Dennis's Dad was mad at him and I thought maybe he had been sold to our neighbor.

It isn't Dennis, thank DOG, but it is a nice dog who wants to play and make friends with Stella.  But she is Bashful and he is Bold.

Bashful Stella

Bold Big Guy
Tonight when she went outside, Bold Guy, came tearing down from his house, running in circles, and Stella did a little too, but then she ran for our house.  It seemed like it was just too much for her.  Bold Guy waited a while and then gave up, went back in his house. 

So what do we do, Friends, these dogs have two fences between them, but they both might want to be friends if one didn't seem so scared?

I am sure that Stella has not forgotten Tsar, but it would still be good for her to romp with this handsome guy, don't you think?

We will be hoping for your advice and also we all want to wish you a very happy long weekend.  It might even cool off for us!

KB's beautiful black lab R has been sick and we are eager to hear he is well soon.  Lets remember to wish the boy well, and hope it isn't serious.

Cheers and hugs,

Jo, Stella and Zkhat whose sign says


KB Country in a Book

Jo here with a little book review for you.  You know  when you find a book you really love, you just yearn to tell everyone you know about it, and this is that kind of book!

This is Animal Dialogues: Uncommon Encounters in the Wild
written by Craig Childs.  I'll bet many of you know Craig Childs from his contributions to NPR's Morning Edition.  Mr. Childs is a naturalist and adventurer, who lives somewhere in KB Country, western Colorado.

In this book he has written about 35 of his adventures in essay form,
from interrupting Ravens in a ceremony, to a face off with a mountain lion at a desert water hole.  He has traveled most of the western USA and has a mystical attitude to most every animal he meets on his way.

This book is as exciting as any book of fiction I have ever read.  Childs says "I have written this book to share nuances that I have witnessed, to cultivate a familiarity with animals in their most original of contexts.  At times I have been blasphemously arrogant and then learned from them to be quiet.  There is, of course, an instant drama to an encounter, but remember beyond the single moment is the long and ornate process of living. The life of an animal lies outside of conjecture.  It is far beyond the scientific papers and the campfire stories.  It is as true as breath. It is important as the words of children." 

Childs is a poetic and eloquent writer.  You won't be sorry if you find this book and read it.  For me, I want to read it again, especially the essay on Ravens.  Childs has also written several other books and has an interesting website as well.

Happy Weekend to you all.