Mr. Chewy came knockin' at my door!

Hi all you pups and kitties!

First I got a very nice e-mail from Mr. Chewy asking me if I would be interested in providing a honest evaluation of his service for a $50 gift certificate.  I liked the  honest part because I wouldn't care to say what I didn't believe! 

So I got ready to order the dog/cat food.  There is so much to choose from, 70 different kinds and more being added!  So what did I do, I ordered Stella's brand, Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover, 35 pounds of it!  She loves it, it agrees with her and she does fine on it, why change??    It only seemed right to order something for Zkhat,who is always interested in food.  So we ordered a Blue Buffalo food for the indoor cat.  We sent our order out on January 24th, on the 25th we got a confirmation that it was shipped!  Whooo, just like that!  Stella knew it was coming so she has been watching for it.

It all arrived on Saturday, the 28th of January.  That is four days from e-mail order, to boxes at my door.

Quite amazing in the world of on-line shipping, to my notion anyway.  Shipping is free, too, with a $49 dollar order!  Further, they have a charity program, where you can take part.  Read about it at http://www.mrchewy.com/

I want to tell you, the food I ordered for Zkhat, Blue Buffalo Indoor Health was more expensive than what I usually buy for her, 3 pounds for $11 but the thing is, when I put some down for her on the floor, just to try it, she was like a kitty vacuum cleaner and snarfed it all up within seconds!  We may have to upgrade for Zkhat!

For those of you, like me, who live in a small town, this is a wonderful service, or for you who get tired of toting those heavy bags around.  Go to the website and look it all over, I think you will be most pleased with what you see and what you get!

Thanks, Mr. Chewy!

Jo, Stella, and Zkhat



We who started computering long ago have found this one greatest joy in it, and that has been making friends.  About 16 years ago, we started (with several others) a Quilting List, one of the founders was from Australia and we had a ripping good time exchanging long e-mails.  We became very close and as life got busy our writing slowed down but we still write now and then, and enjoy each other just as much.  Today I got this picture from M. and it is so lovely I wanted to share it with you.

Australian Wreath ...  There is nothing more beautiful than nature at its best!!

This delightful circle was taken at Lamington National Park west , Queensland, Australia. They are native parrots.
The red and blue are Crimson Rosellas.
The red and green are King Parrots. 
They are feasting on sunflower seeds.

What a wonderful wreath!  

Thanks, M. for the day brightener!


Jo, Stella and Zkhat 


Somewhat Wordless Wednesday

Hi Evfurry Buddy!

Something you probably won't see here is a picture of Stella and Zkhat TOGETHER.  Zkhat has not got one iota of trust for Stella and understandably so.  Stella loves to jump at Zkhat, scaring her and making her feel even more distrustful of this black dog!  I scold Stella each time I see it happen but the fun is worth the scolding to her.

I found this beautiful article about loyal dogs on the 'net and thought you might enjoy reading it today, or when you get the chance.

In the meantime, I will watch the pup and the cat!


Jo, Stella and Zkhat


What say?

Stella and I are together almost all day, every day.  She is my constant companion.  I talk to her a lot and really don't expect an answer, but lately I seem to get some.

This is my favorite.  She walks up to me and I say "Whats up, Stella?  Do you want to go outdoors?"

She drops her butt down on the floor, going from standing to sitting, and looking in my eyes.  Thats a NO.

Its called non-verbal communication.  What do your pets say to you?

Stella, Jo and Zkhat


Something special!

Hello Every Pup and Kitty,

Sweet Amber the Weenie from FL gave us a nice award yesterday.

Liebster means sweetheart in German, so we are happy to accept this for our new blog.  Part of the rules are we need to pass this on to five other blogs with less than 200 signed readers.  We only came up with four, but they are all favorites:

1. Kathy Goes A Ramblin'

2. White Dog Diary On-line

3.Ludo Van Doggy

4.Brenda's Arizona

We hope you will go visit these blogs, and declare your interest in them by signing on. 


Jo, Stella and Zkhat


Dad and Stubby

Hi Everyone!

Thanks for your nice response to our new blog.  You will be seeing more of Stella and Zkhat but I have one more old picture I want to show you.  Remember, these are pictures of pictures so the quality really is not good at all, but you can get an idea.

I told you that my Grandpa gave me Stubby the Boston Terrier when I was just a year old and he loved me a whole lot.  But he loved my Dad best of anybody in the world.  My Dad was a plumber, he had big hands and fingers and when he wanted Stubby to come, all he had to do was SNAP HIS FINGERS.  It made a  loud noise and Stubby came running from wherever he heard that sound.  When we were about five, I was so jealous of this, I used to lay in bed at night trying to snap my fingers, and could not do it.
My Dad used to go all around our town on various jobs and every once in a while Stubby would pick up his scent and happily track him down into a cafe where he would be having coffee and a doughnut.
(No leash law in those days so dogs just traveled around town).  Dad would share a piece of his pastry with the dog which endeared him even more to his favorite person.  When they were done, Dad would put him in his truck and drop him off at home. 
Then Stubby would come up on the porch, scratch at the door and my Mom would let him in, where he would have a good drink of water and go take a long nap.  Then he would come and find me wherever I was playing, not as much fun as Dad, but OK. He was a character but everybody loved him.

Jo, Stella and Zkhat



This picture of a girl and her dog really makes me smile. Way back when, this girl and her dog are about the same age. Maybe 9 or so?
The girl was just starting life and the dog was nearing old age. One nice summer day, the photographer from the Minneapolis studio stopped and made an appointment with her Mom to have her girl get her picture made.
You got to have a try on to see if the dress still fits, then you got a shower and shampoo, Mom got out the curlers and rolled your hair up in them (or sometimes rag curlers-easier to sleep on!) You got to wear the locket Grandpa gave you! The girl had never had a mostly white dress in her whole life and she wondered if it came from her cousin. But if it did, she didn't want to know. This girl was a tom-boy and she wouldn't get to wear it outside, she knew that.
Stubby, the little Boston Terrier, required no special treatment for his picture. He had to roll in something terrible before he would ever get a bath, and he didn't like sitting around biding his time on a nice summer day either. Back then there was no leash law, and dogs were everywhere!
After what seemed like forever, the photographer came and made quick work of these two. In a week or two the mail brought the pictures and her Mom loved them, the Dad loved them, the Girl even thought they were pretty good. The dog never said.
Until next time,


Hello Everybody!

We are most happy to be back with an all new blog, designed by Ann from Zoolatry, and some new ideas from me. We're here with Stella, with Ziva Zophia (Zkhat) and very much looking forward to being an active part of the world of Dog Blogging.

Watch our space and stop back again soon.
Cheers and hugs,
Jo, Stella and Zkhat