Has this ever happened to you?

Hello Every Buddy!

Long time no see, but I am very busy trying to do lots of houseworky things that I didn't do when I was so sick since last late summer. (I am fine now!)

Tonight I was sitting at the computer, I turned around and Zkhat was sitting on the washer staring at me.  Trying to do some kind of mind meld maybe (I'll have to check her food and water dish!)  I had my camera at the ready, and snapped a picture and got this "I wasn't looking at you, I was just sitting here thinking."  She was definitely STARING though, but here is the picture I got:


We are having gruesome weather like lots of the USA is having, just so far, nothing dangerous, but this coming week is predicted for rain
every single day!

Zkhat doesn't care though because she doesn't do outdoors, and Stella just is not for going out in it either except in emergencies.

We hope somewhere, here in the USA, someone is having some  nice weather.

We had some pre-Easter visitors with a little guy named Jacob who was celebrating his first birthday.  I was thinking of what I could buy him for a present when it ocurred to me my son Mike's blocks were up in the attic, 46 years old and in fine shape.  So we gave them to Jacob and he just loved them. Nothing like antique Playschool Blocks for this little guy.

Sending everyone all best wishes and good weather!

Jo, Stella and Zkhat