We always have something to argue about!

This is me, Zkhat and I am telling Stella that we have reviews to do for that nice Mr. Chewy and today is the day.  I am going first, because I have the best thing to talk about!

I got 4 containters of yummiest cat food called Pride by Instinct.  There were 2 of Champ's Chicken and 2 of Sherlock's Salmon in 3 oz cans.  They are made by Nature's Variety.  They have lots of chicken or salmon, few carbs and NO Grains.  I am not a famous cat for trying new things, but this was just heaven.  My Mom put a nice scoop on top of my kibble and I ate in in an instant!  A fishy feast or a chicken dinner.  I just can't say enough good things about it!  If your kitty likes fish or chicken, look them up at Mr. Chewys, you won't be sorry  you did!  That is why I had the best of the food.

Stella here.  Once again you have it all wrong Zkhat.  You are so hard to get along with!  I got a nice bag of snack treats to sample and I chose Halo Vegetarian Healthsome Dog treats with Peanut and Pumpkin.  They are low-fat, gluten free, oven baked with high quality ingredients.  Gluten free means no cereals or grain, only lots of good veggies.   We had another bag of treats and when I would come in from outdoors she offers me both to choose one and after I tried Halo, that was all I picked!  Right now its only $3.99 for an 8 oz bag.

If you want to find something special and wholesome for your pet, visit Chewy com. and prepare to find the best!

From your pals,

Stella (#1) and Zkhat (#2 or lower)


Happy World Cat Day!

August 8, 2013 is a furry important day for all of us cats.  It is the day of World Cat Day where all the cats all over the world are celebrated for being the best and most helpful domestic animals.

Just think, of all over the World, of the great numbers of Mices we catch and dead.  We do the world a huge favor just for this one thing!

Now my dog Stella, does nothing like this, but I just keep her for a pet anyway (our Mom likes her better than I do, but she is mine.)
I like to give her instructions each day on what she should do to keep busy.  She does not do what I ask, but at least she understands who is in charge.  I don't allow her to sit on the chairs ever.

Stella just likes to go outside and talk to the neighbor dogs and lay around.  My Mom takes her for a walk pretty often, but I would not care to go with them.  I might go if they were to buy me a Strolleo and push me around, but  never would I walk on the ground with them.

My idea of fun is to play Slinky on the stairs and thats what I do when they go.  Its so fun and good exercise for cats, so try it if it looks like fun to you!

Happy World Cat Day to all of you Cats and see if you can't get your pawrents to throw you a party for tomorrow.  They should, we are the best!

Thanks to Ann Adamus for making this nice sign for Cat Day, its a beauty!                      
All the best wishes to all the Cats of the World!  Your friend, Zkhat


Same old song and dance!

My Mom is furry upset with me these days.  It is that I am supposed to be on a diet because I am way too heavy.

She gives me a half a cup of kibble for breakfast, with a tablespoon (which  is hardly anything) of finely grated cheese in it.  Not enough to fill me up!

Then when supper comes, I get 3/4 of a cup of kibble with a little chicken in it (hardly any).  I get two low calorie treats a day.

So my Mom had to move Zkhats food to near the livingroom entry and there is a gate that she puts up so I can't get any of it.  She tells me OVER and OVER  not to eat the cat's food.  I would like to and I get so tired of hearing that!  Wouldn't you?  With the gate up I can't get near it anyway, but lately she has gotten lazy about the gate and I can get through it!  Wooo!  So three times in the last week I have eaten all the cats food. Yummy!  My Mom can tell when I eat it, because Zkhat is so dainty she only eats a spoonful at a time, and I eat the whole works.  Mom says STELLA!  No cat food, none! and of course Zkhat who hardly wants any anyway sits and cries piteously because her dish is empty.  And Mom of course, is making sure the gate is shut.

One of my Pawrents was a Labrador Retriever and the other was a Spaniel.  Maybe I am more like the Spaniel, short and wide.  I don't know but I do know I am tired of bein' on a diet.  Wouldn't you be?
Are you on a Diet?  I would like to hear about it if you are!