Happy Easter Evfurry Buddy!

This is Stella coming to you this morning with some very important information. 

Did you know there are two different kinds of Easter Bunnies?  Yes, there are and its furry important for you to know the difference.

Now the really good Easter Bunny looks like this:

He is having a big time filling up his baskets, getting them all pretty for delivery and takes his work very seriously.  If you see him  in your neighborhood, go out and find your basket OR

The Robber Bunny might come and steal them!  Yes, this is a naughty bunny and this is what he looks like

He already has a couple of eggs he has snitched and is looking for more.  He will empty out your basket if he gets a chance.  My neighborhood is full of these naughty bunnies.  He especially likes baskets that are meant for dogs because he likes to eat eggs and chew on bones!  So watch out for this guy and get your baskets tomorrow as soon as the are delivered by the Good Bunny!

Don't worry about this, just be alert!  Have a very Happy Easter!

Happy Spring and love from



You Wearin' a Watch?

Good weekend to evfurry buddy!    I am curious to know how many dogs tell their people what time it is every day?

This girl, this Stella, tells me every day exactly what time it is.  I could set a watch by her.  Just start with the morning.  At 8:00 am she jumps up on my bed and wakes up Zkhat and I. She would like some scratches and some petting but thats not the most important thing. The important event is her breakfast, kibble with a small amount of finely grated cheese on it.

So we get up and fix her bowl for breakfast, which she eats quickly and goes right back to bed to sleep for another hour.  Zkhat has a little yogurt with me and she goes to her favorite chair in the living room for , yes, more sleeps!

11 am rolls around and Stella wants to hit the backyard for a while.  Weather permitting, she stays out until noon, when she comes in asking for a small cookie.  A little nap is on her agenda and she goes back to bed for an hour or so.  At one pm, she comes out to see what I am up to, and we might have a little walk about then.  So we get back home at 2 pm and whats this?  Another naptime!  This is a long one, she sleeps until 4 pm, gets up, goes outdoors for an hour and comes in at 5 pm looking for her supper.  She likes it to be on the dot of 5, but I seldom get things ready until about 6 pm.  At 6, we all  have supper, me, Zkhat and Stella.  I go into the livingroom with mine and watch the news and eat.  Then Stella wants to play, stuffees, balls, bones, whatever she can find and she likes tossing them in the air.  Zkhat doesn't like this rowdy stuff so she goes upstairs while Stella and I have some playtime.  I am watching TV, Stella gets quiet, and at exactly 8 pm, she goes to bed, getting up at 11 pm and going for a quick trip outside. She is down for the night and  next day its the same thing, all over.  It seldom varies by minutes and Stella gets a little upset if things interrupt this perfect day of hers.  She doesn't need a  watch, she keeps the time in her little head!  I am curious to know how it is with you?  Same thing?  If you have several dogs, is the pack leader the timekeeper?

Happy weekend to one and all,

Stella, Jo, and Zkhat


Good Saturday to everfurry buddy!  We hope that you have all had a good week and are ready to enjoy your weekend.

We want to congratulate Big King Pipster and His Queen for a most successful Bucket Tour and we will admit we are glad they are home again.  The Cheeseburger King and his beloved Nurse had lots of fun all over the USA.  We didn't invite him to Minnesota because we know he doesn't like snow and cold, but now I bet he wouldn't have missed it.  So Congrats you two on a great trip.

 Speaking of snow and cold, it is going sub-zero again and we had four inches of new snow on Friday.. More on the way today!  We aren't going to complain about it though, as long as our shovels work we can keep busy with it.  Stella is having trouble finding good spots to "go" in the backyard, it being too deep for her but she will just have to soldier on.  Spring I am sure will get here easily by mid-May!

I have been sewing, not  the quilt blocks I intended but a little gift for my son's office.  This is a Minnesota Star and if you will look closely you will see the center star consists of dollar signs and watches, so it is named "Time is Money" , an old saying but appropriate to a business office.  Here is the closeup:
I think you can click on these to see them up even closer.  I planned to put a brown binding with pine cones, but now I think it needs something brighter, maybe to pick up that gold.  I will experiment with this a little.  If anyone has any ideas for it, I will always listen!

Did you happen to read the Letter to my Cat article written on the Candidae blog?  Seems there has been a book of Letters to My Dog which has been very successful and now they are going to do one for cats.  I thought a long time about any cat I or my family ever had that I would write a love letter to and finally came up with one.  A grey Tomcat that my Dad called the Long Grey Line (after a movie about West Point!).  I was about 14 or 15 and I would pick this long skinny cat up and put him around my neck and wear him like a scarf almost!  In the summer my mother would put a big bouquet of Pink and white Peonies in a vase that sat on top of a book case.  The cat would climb up there, get behind the vase, stick his head through the flowers and check out everyone in the livingroom.  It was a funny surprise to walk into the room, look up and see these beautiful pink and white flowers with a big grey face in the middle.  I could write a love letter to almost every dog I have ever had or been around, but somehow the cats just lead their own lives.

Here is  a little funny to end this with.  Can't you just imagine the ad taker asking the person to describe the pony???

 I may get going on my quilt blocks soon, even show you the lost and found fabric I love so much.  But it seems like I am someone who just goes where my thoughts lead me. 

Cheers and hugs all around, and have a happy weekend.

Jo, Stella and Zkhat


Spring Things!

Here we are, everybuddy!  Wishing you a very nice weekend. 

You know in a few weeks we will be having a holiday much of which revolves around the Easter Bunny and other candies.  If you have any chocolate bunny eaters in your family, please urge them to take care while enjoying their bunnies.

I am most sorry to have to tell you, I do not have any of the things I promised last week.  This has been a wicked week weather-wise, and much time has been spent chopping away at  ice, moving snow around, dealing with water dripping from the ceiling due to ice dams.  Totally not fun and very tiresome. As the weather warms its going to be better but until then, we just have to be a little vigilant.  No sewing or knitting done this week.  We will try for a
extra edition though, hopefully next week.

Hoping for your understanding and good wishes , we are offering you ours,
Jo, Stella and Zkhat

(the bunny picture is from the Wonderful World of Bizarro at http://bizarrocomics.com/)


Saturday Morning!

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Good morning, Everybuddy.  This is our new Saturday Morning blog and we are looking forward to a once-a-week blog.  We still read yours every day.

On Friday, we took a hike to our library and got a special knitting book for me with a super baby cap in it, for those of you who are knitters, this is a cap that Stephanie Pearl McFee, (The Knitting Harlot) has made and says its the very best for babies.  Since our friends are having one in six weeks or so, we want to knit a little for the little gent.
Stella and I had the first nice walk too. Nice sunshine! The streets were pretty clear and not too much ice around, still lots of snow though on the sidewalks.  Stella was very  happy to find lots of GRASS sticking up on the boulevards and she had a good time poking around in it.  This is where I get straight As on being a Dog Mom, I just let her take her time, sniffing and scratching away at it.
    I am starting a new quilt, I had the pattern in my mind I wanted to use, some new fabrics along with old ones.  THEN I was looking at fabrics stored  in my Upper Room when I found one that changed everything, it was everything I love in a fabric, wonderful color, movement, and it changed everything.  It will be the perfect center  in a Log Cabin and I am very excited to start it.  This 'perfect' fabric is one that I don't even remember buying, and I think about where I might have bought it, and am eager to send a piece to Mary, my best pal who is a head and shoulders better than me, quilter.  She will laugh and love it too.  I will have a block or two to show you next Saturday, will that bring you back?  I will look forward to seeing you and will try to get some new pictures.

All the best to you for a great weekend and good new week!

Jo, Stella and Zkhat