Hi Every Good advice giver!

A few days ago, my friend Jacob , his Mom and Dad stopped 
for a visit.  You might remember Jacob (not Jake!) as the guy 
who was given Big Mike's Playschool Blocks about a year 

This visit he is is a daycare guy and goes to pre-school a couple
of days a week.  He made sure I knew my ABC's and knew how 
to write them as well, by demonstrating, how else?

The three of us had a good time and a fun visit.

Jacob's Mom took a picture of us and we both liked the way
it turned out!

What do you think?

Jacob and Jo


Happy New Year Everybuddy!

I told my readers I would post at least twice a week, and I think if I
don't I may catch heck from somebody!

A friend sent me a photo of myself and her son, but I can't seem to get it to run.  It seems like adding pics to the blog used to be
the easiest thing in the world, but no longer for me...All I can do 
is read what Google has written on this and give it another try or 

This is one of Ann Adamus' creations wishing you a Merry Christmas which as we all know has been and gone.  But instead
lets wish you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR.

If you have any thoughts on getting pictures to appear on Google,
PLEASE let me know

Thanks and Happy New Year from 
Jo and Stella

For those who don't know our sweet little ZKHAT went
to the Rainbow Bridge last summer!


Christmas Day, 2016

Hello to those who might still be with us!
The beautiful Stella and I are back because I am weary of Fasbuk(as Dennis the Visla calls it) and the Porties Mom Sue said she misses us, and I miss her.  And all the rest of you.

If some of you woke up to Santas visit, I woke up to a totally different thing.  A siren going whoo-whoo- very close by.  All I had to do was look into my living room and it was right there.  If you remember, I am very deaf and I had my doorbell hooked up to a strobelight and sound so when I was in the livingroom, I could be aware of someone at my door (its set up on my wall.)  But it has NEVER worked right, if the wind is blowing hard, its just like someone leaning on the doorbell.  So one day I tried to stop it and couldn't so  I hammered it and that seemed to stop it.  But somehow it has been resurrected and its going again.  SO WHERE IS THE HAMMER  GIVE ME ONE MORE TRY WITH THIS MONSTER!

You would think that Stella would tell me when some one is at the door and in a way she does, if she knows the person who is there, she wags her tail and gets a happy look on her face.  If she doesn't know them, she gives out with a little "woof" and goes back to sleep.  So much for my service dog (she isn't of course but maybe its not too late to get her trained),

Its early enough in the day to wish you all a very Happy Holiday (you know who doesn't like that, don't you) and please let me know how you are!  I plan to post twice a week and maybe thrice, we will have to see.  Next time I want to share some good books with you,  Going to try getting my camera going again!  Such excitement!

Merry Christmas,

Jo and Stella