Hi Evfurry Buddy!
We visited the White Dog Army tonight and they had the best poster up
Since I am a black dog that spent three long months in a shelter because no one came to adopt me, until my Mom finally did.  She says black is the most elegantest color there is and I was the prettiest dog there.  The poster says that black pets are adopted only half as often as other pets are and lots of beautiful, good pets are sent away to the Bridge because no one adopts them.  I was so lucky!

Maybe we should start a campaign about adopting black pets and putting up signs and writings about it in our blogs.  I know my most favorite black dog, my BFF Tsar would think that was fine.
Tsar needs a little Power of the Paw these days.  Remember him in your prays and good wishes.

Think about Sam's Marge too.  A beautiful black dog that was sent from pillar to post until Sam got her and helped her to become an agility champ and hardly afraid at all.

So thanks, White Dog Army, for helping us to remember these important things!

Cheers and hugs,
Jo who loves the color black
Stella who loves having a home
Zkhat who wishes everyone was lucky!

Jelly, jelly, jelly!

Hi there, its Jo here this evening.  I spose you are curious about what I am jealous of these days, enough so I will reveal it to my readers.

Years ago, my son and I lived out in the country and I could indulge in some of my animal wishes.  And I did!  I got two Pekin ducklings,
which quickly grew into two gorgeous white adult ducks.

They were most charming, Sherman and Mildred, were the names I gave them, whatever happened made them happy, the sunshine , the rain, anything that came along.  They had a little pool they swam  in every day  and THAT made them happy, and their enthusiasm for  life was infectious!  They liked to come to the garden with me, and pick my cherry tomatoes and eat them, shake them all down the front of their white bibs!  Then we got a pair of Indian Runners, funny, tall, skinny, great bug eaters who made themselves right at home.
People have called them Penguin Ducks
because they stand straight and tall and walk funny!
(Pictures from Google)
They were everybit as entertaining and merrymaking as the Pekins.

So why am I consumed with jealousy these days?  Go visit
The Run Around Ranch and see for yourself. Then look at Run Around Ranch and see more of what I would love
in my yard.

Its hard to understand how one might have a yard full of ducks and not even a kiddie pool for them to swim in, no , we need a pond.  I've got the fenced in yard, but I wonder how the City would feel about a pond.  I can almost guess.  Can you?

A while back I promised you a blog and photos of a hobby and have not presented that because the photography is not so easy to do.  Stay tuned!

Cheers and hugs,
Jo, the Duck Lover
Stella the Squirrel Chaser
Zkhat the catnip mouse maniac



Jo here:  Thanks to everybody who was so kind and sympathetic about my ride on the ice!

To Tober and KB, yes I have Yak Traks (try Amazon) but when we went out it was wet on the streets and sidewalks and I thought it would just continue to thaw instead of getting colder.  You can be sure I will wear them everytime I go out next winter.  Thanks!

To Bertie, no I have never played rugby and truly hope to not start at this time.  Glad your Grand Dad made it OK in his fall.My best wishes to him!

Now about four of you suggested (you know who you are) that Stella's many kisses on my face pulled me through this fall with no serious injury and who knows, you could be right, I suppose!  Thanks to you.

To Stella from down under, who thinks your head is a funny place to keep a goose egg.  I would agree with you on this one, and now it is gone, and most of the hurt with it.

To Kim who said its too bad we don't fall like an 8 year old anymore.  This is a fact, Kim, having lived here in Minniesnowda for most of my life, I have taken a lot of falls and if I were an 8 year old rugby player I probably wouldn't have even noticed this one.

To Sue who fell on the ice  in the presence of her 8 or 10 dogs who comforted her by climbing on top of her, which got her laughing and we all know laughter is good medicine!

A couple of years ago, I had knee replacement surgery and when I fall I am afraid of that bionic knee falling to pieces, but it proved itself hearty. Maybe one of the reasons is the White Dog Army  is
sending White Dog positive energy and safe travel vibes.

I am very grateful for all   your friendship

So let this be it for the fall on ice.  Tomorrow I am going to tell you about a hobby!
Cheers and hugs,

Jo, Stella, and Zkhat


Mom Hits the Deck with Stella!

This is Stella with a serious story about me and my Mom.  Yesterday was pretty nice so my Mom said we could do walkies and go to the doggy store and get me some new bones and treatz.  So by the time we were ready to go, it started snowing and getting colder.  But we went anyway.  (I got a nice new cigar shape rawhide and some cheesy treats!)

We started home and it was getting chillier right along, we walked up our driveway, got to our door and BOOM! just like that Mom hits the ground, having slipped on ice.  She landed on her knees and also bonked her head on the storm door.  She had trouble getting up because it was ice all over and her feets slipped out every time she tried to get up.  I knew I could help her, so I gave her lots of face kisses so she knew I loved her.  She kept saying "Thats enough kisses, Stella, all for now please."  But I was nervous, so I kind of kept on.  She finally got the rubber door mat, down on the ice and
then could get up on her feet again.  I am pretty sure my kisses helped her do that.  Then we got in the house where it was warm and she said she was OK, except for a goose egg on top of her head.  She got out the ice pack from the freezer and put it on her head and that helped a lot.  Today its almost gone, she says.

She said she was going to stay inside until Spring came, but we went out today for a bit and then she took the bus shopping.  So if she can shop she is alright, wouldn't you say?

We want to wish everybody a great weekend, and if you are in a cold icy place, watch where you put your feets.

Love and hugs,

Stella, Jo and Zkhat


Happy Weekend!

Its Dr. Seuss's birthday!

 Theodore Seuss Geisel (March 2, 1904-September 24, 1991)

It is also the anniversary of my mother's birth, she loved Dr. Seuss
and would have loved to know they shared a birthdate!

Here is another thing for you to either laugh at or not!  This is the story of my life in abbreviated form:

We'll do better next week!

Cheers and hugs,

Jo, Stella and Zkhat