A Long Absence of Writing, but not Reading

Hello Everybuddy:

My Mom tells me that she is having the wurst time with trying to get a post done and its either our old Dell or Google.  Last night she spent a good amount of time putting together a post and then it would not publish.  We have a new computer that is going to start work here in another week or so, and we hope that solves our problem.  We hope ANYTHING would solve our problem!

My Mom got me a new dish so I don't gobble too much and it takes me a little longer to eat.  Then she got Zkhat a new eating station where it goes far away from where I eat and I can't get at her foods anymore which is too bad for me but good for Zkhat I guess.

My new dish
Zkhats new outfit which is way nicer than mine. A whole bag of cat food fits in the
bottom which I can't open due to the thumbs thing.  My Mom is starting to cuss again so I guess we will be going.  All the best from Stella, Zkhat and Jo and not from Dell or Google.