Saturday Blogging

Hi Everybuddy!

You know we have been highly erratic at regular blogging, and we just want to set up a new schedule for our blog, Only One Day a Week and that will be Saturday!  You can depend on that.  We will all take turns and hopefully find some fun things to talk about.
Here are my two most favorite pics of Stella and Zkhat. 

Sweet Stella with a big smile on her face.  I wonder what she knows!

Here is Zkhat playing Slinky on the stairs.  When she f irst came here that was a regular thing to do, she would start up at the top and just sort of roll down to the bottom.  No crashing, just a nice roll.  She doesn't do it anymore that I know about.  Maybe she thinks she too old and dignified for such foolishness.  Or maybe she does it at night when Stella is in her bed and we won't be around to laugh at her.  That sounds like a cat, doesn't  it?

Our backyard is still deep, deep with snow and Stella has a hard time getting around.  Next week we are getting temps in the 30s which will mean some thawing and we can get out and clean things up a bit.  I hope its a slow melt though so its easy on the roof!

Me, I have a new quilt design plan and am looking forward to starting it.  With all the quilts I have made (more wall hangings) almost all of them have been for somebody else.  I love Civil War reproductions or wannabes, and thats what it will be made from.  Then, I have a ton of scraps too and I want to make a String Quilt.  If you like to make scrap quilts, look for this book and see what you like.                                       

So we will all be keeping busy and will try to think of something a LOT more interesting to you for next Saturday.

Cheers and hugs,

Jo, Stella and the ever charming Zkhat


Winter Wonder why we stay Land!

Stella here:

You know me, I love snow, I love to stick my snooter in it and smell whats there.  I love eating fresh snow!  I love walking around my little yard and making myself a nice path in it!

But this time, its too much, its scary, and I hate this big snow we got.  We got up this morning, and couldn't get either front or back door open except with a shovel and an ice breaker!  When we finally got the back door partly open, I could just barely squeeze myself out.  The steps to the porch were gone, they were not there!!! 

My Mom got out.  She started shoveling the porch, tossing it off into the yard.  I tried to find the steps, couldn't, so I just jumped off the porch.  The snow came up over my back!  I tried to get through the drifts, but it was hard.  Then try to find a pee spot!  Impossible!  But I did what I could and made my way back to the safety of the porch, with difficulty.  

Mom, I said, we gotta get out of here!  I don't even want to look at it!

I am six years old and have never seen a snow storm like this was.  I hope I never do again.

My Mom got the door open and most of the snow cleared off the porch, but we are supposed to get more tonight she said.  Oh, noes, I say!  She said don't worry, tomorrow I will find the steps. and in the meantime, come in and I will fix us breakfast. 

Mom had a hard time opening the front storm door and the snow was just as deep there, except our beloved plow guy cleared the drive way.  Hooray say I!

So once again we are open, front and back.  We can go some places.

Our friend Remington said in his comment to us:  Isn't the Snow Awesome?  Rem, I think both me and my Mom could think of six better words than that for what is here. but if your snow is awesome, we are glad!

We hope all the rest of you folks are just fine, and escaped much of the snow.  We know the east coasters did not, and lots of us Upper Midwesters didn't either.  But we made it so far!

Cheers and hugs,

Stella, Jo, and Zkhat


Semi- Wordless Wednesday!

Stella on the Porch snow.

Mom, open this door and let me in right away or you will be sorry!
And I mean it too.


Cuddly Killer Kitty?

Zkhat reporting:

The New York Times ran a story today on Kitty Killers.  You can find it  at
http://www.nytimes.com/2013/01/30/science/that-cuddly-kitty-of-yours-is-a-killer.html?src=me&ref=general&_r=0   1,691 people wrote in about this story!  I couldn't read all that!

The gist of it is that these free roaming cats are wreaking havoc in a widespread way.  The Nature Communications journal tells us that
free-ranging domestic cats kill up to 3.7 Billion birds and as many as 20.7 Billion mammals annually.

Now I am an indoor cat, my first family de-clawed me so I have little defense in my life, and also my Mom says we are on a busy street so she can't turn me loose, so I get zero worth of those dead birdies or bunnies.  Thats the way my Mom likes it.  I don't know how I would like catching those birds, because I never have done it.  My first family kept me in also.  I watch birds and squirrels out the window and while it looks like it would be fun to chase a bird, they also have sharp little beaks where I think they could hurt a cat (your eye?), so while I have no choice in the matter, I just stay in.

But I wonder what the rest of you cats and your pawrents think about this big number?  Are some of you cats allowed to go outdoors and chase after critters?  Will your pawrents start keeping you indoors now?  I hope you don't mind me asking these questions, I am  just a curious cat.  Yes , I know that old saying about what curiousity did to the cat. (killed it!)  Stella says  if I don't chew on wires, I will be OK forever!  She thinks she is SOOO smart!

I hope you all write and answer me, including Library Cat Tober!

Purrrrs and headbutts,

Ziva Zophia Torti (aka Zkhat)