A Bit of This and some of THAT!

First of all, let me show you that Spring has finally arrived in Sunny Minniesnowda: 

My flowering crab was very pretty this year, the blossoms never last long, just get busy making little crab apples for the birds to eat.  They never eat them in the summer, but let them go over the winter and clean off the tree in the spring!  Must be looking for all that acquired
Vitamin C!

Dear Little Stella had a hard day today.  She is seldom apart from me, and when she is she is always at home with Zkhat.  Today I took her to the Pet Groomer and arranged for her to have The Works, bath, haircut, toenail clip and she was there from 11 am until 3 pm.

She was totally collapsed in a heap.  We paid her bill, started for home and two little boys stopped to talk to her and she had nothing to say to them.  She just wanted to go home.  She didn't even want me to take her picture!  I kept telling her how beautiful she was and she didn't pay any mind to me at all.  She went into her room, got in bed and hasn't been out yet, not even for supper.  She is not speaking to me, Zkhat or anyone else that appears.  I hope she will have forgotten this terrible ordeal by tomorrow.  I wonder if staying in a cage there was what upset her so much.  She didn't want to go into it.  I hope she will not be like Samson and lose her strength with her curls!

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Our contest:  lets just say its coming pretty soon!

Now I am going to go check on Stella.  Lets hope she  is speaking to me.

Cheers and hugs,

Jo, Stella and Zkhat


  1. poor stella. i'm sorry she had such a hard day.

  2. Aw, poor Stella. Please give her a hug from K... maybe she'll accept that.

  3. Well Stella, I quite understand. Four hours at the groomer. How can it take that long? Too right you should keep on sulking for a while yet.
    Toodle pip!
    PS from Gail - Bertie has never yet been to a groomer, he gets rough and ready home fur striip, so he doesn't understand that four hours is entirely normal for a dog's beauty treatment!

  4. Stella, I have no idea what a groomer is but I know what a vet is. When they trim my nails, I hate that. I like baths because I get a sustained time of scratching head to toe. I hope somebody didn't hurt your feelings there. I hope you perk up soon.

  5. Wow Stella is really giving you the silent treatment. Must have been terrible being pampered from head to toe!

    Rubies mum xxx

  6. Good Job Stella... Make her Suffer fur that terrible treatment.... NOW... go make up with her. hehehehe

  7. I had that same thing happen when I took Charlie to the groomers last week--I guess I shouldn't tell him he looks like a girl... :-)

    I'm glad that spring finally arrived in Minniesnowda--I know some people like my husbands family were having their doubts!!

  8. I'm glad spring finally came to the frozen North.

    The first time we had Morgan groomed, she hid for three days. he was so embarrassed. I was concerned how Tsar would react when we shaved his back end, but he loved it and wanted to show it off. Silly dogs.

  9. Oh, poor Stella. But we bet she looks beautiful. Phantom gets that way too. He had to go Monday to get his nails clipped and his furpads trimmed. He was a good boy there, but he raced to his crate when he got home. We hope Stella will be out wagging her pretty tail very soon.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  10. Thr groomer always wears us out, too. Lately we just get baths in the yard. It's easy cuz we have short furs. Hope you feel better today, Stella!!

    -Bart and Ruby

  11. Oh-oh!
    Sounds like she is really mad!
    I am sure she will forgive you soon!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  12. Oh Stella, from what we can see, you look like your day at the spa left you looking Springtime fresh and lovely! Rest up but don't be mad...grooming doesn't happen too often and it IS important to have toenails that don't curl and ears that are clean...wouldn't want to have to go to the VET!

  13. Oh poor Stella, we thought it was time we stopped by to see how you were doing and we see this!
    These humans are obsessed with clean. Why can't they understand we dogs love smelly and dirty!
    We are so sorry you had to go through your dreadful ordeal but glad you are home now.
    We now your human will be trying to make it up to you and that means lots of treats - hopefully some nice chicken too - that always makes us more forgiving.
    Don't worry - a good roll in something yucky and you will be feeling like your old self again.
    Much love
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  14. Howdy Stella Up Over, oh oh. I don't like the sound of going to the groomers. I hear mum and dad whispering about it but haven't been yet! I hope you cheer up. Did you get some nice treats while you were there? Have a great weekend. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  15. Ah Poor Stella we thought women liked all that stuff. Pip sulks as well, We hope she is okay now.
    We are catching up after a holiday
    Licks Bobby

  16. Oh poor Stella!!! They really don't like getting their nails done do they!!!I saw your comment on Rottov... blog and came to say hi--HI!!!
    We try to do our Zoie's nails ourselves. She is getting better about it now.
    Come on over and say hi to us, please.

  17. HI Jo, I was attracted to your name. I had an Ibisin Hound who's name was Joker but I called him JOE most of the time!! All my dogs are rescue dags. Joker was 5 and a half when I got him--what a WONDERFUL dog he was!! Well really all my dogs turn out to be wonderful dogs!!!!!!! My dog now is a Weimaraner. She is almost 1 and a half years old. I have had her 7 months!!!
    Looking forward to our friendship!!

  18. A few extra treats & skritches and she will be back to normal I bet!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  19. A treat didn't change her mind? Oh Stella, Stella, Stella...