I think we are finally back after working like a mad woman trying to figure out the operation of Windows 8.1!

I have missed terribly reading your blogs, hearing from you, it almost feels like we have moved away, because things are still in an uproar here.  

I need to have my roof replaced and since I use my upstairs as an attic, its full of fabric, furniture etc, that has to be moved or covered before they start, but first they are redoing the downstairs bathroom walls, and everything in there needs to be moved out (empty cupboards,etc).  So my main thought is where am I gonna put these things.  I think I will put it all in  the garage and hope for a good selling or giving day or two to come along.  

Stella and Zkhat are doing fine.  Stella has the most fun being "the Greeter" so as soon as workpeople arrive, she will be in her glory.

In the Dell crash I lost all my addresses so it would be great to hear from lots of you so I could contact you.  Thanks to Gail and Bertie, Kathy the Photog, and Tex for writing me.  No, I didn't lose all my photos in the crash, but had just put the collection up on discs a week or three before,and i am so glad about that.

So next time, we'll have some pics and more news of the re-do!

Cheers and hugs all around,

Jo, Stella and Zkhat


  1. yippee!!! she's posting again!!! :D

  2. Yay!!! You are back. We've missed you.

  3. Oh Jo!! What a nightmare! But the new roof and the bathroom re-do sound like things you'll be glad you did - once they are over!!

    Come see the pictures of me swimming on the bloggie!!


  4. Welcome back! Missed ya!

  5. Oh how super that you are back. Not so super about the roof though…
    What you really need is a dram of 'Sweet Wee Scallywag'….
    Toodle pip!

  6. We are THRILLED that you are back with us. We will send you an email so you will have another addy in case you need it.

    YEA... you are BACK... Glad that the three of you are WELL.

  7. I was wondering if the mosquitoes had carried you away! :)

  8. Howdy Mates, glad to hear from you. Phew, a new roof is a major event that's for sure. Hope it all goes smoothly for you. Stella Up Over will have fun welcoming all the workers hehe. Take care and see ya soon.
    No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  9. Hi Jo,
    good to read from you! Seems there are no dull moments at your house, even Stella has all paws full to do with greeting the "guests".
    I too fight with tricky technic, can't work with my photos but hope to fix it soon.
    Till then,
    big hug,

  10. Yikes Windows 8.1 is a stinker. We just got it too but we also have Google Chrome and we use that on blogspot as it does not seem to like the updated Windows. Good luck with the roof. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  11. Glad you're back in business!

  12. I've avoided the new windows so far, but adjusting to new programs is always a dreaded experience. Good luck with getting the new roof! Hope Stella enjoys visiting with the workmen.

  13. HEY, HEY!!! So good to hear from you!! Oh, BTW, one thingie that is drivin' Ma CRAZY abouts Windows 8.1 is that the WiFi goes to 'limited' on average, about every 10 minutes!!!! This didn't happen until after a couple of months, butts it is drivin' Ma up the wall!!! Apparently, there is no fix. Pffffffft! I hopes you have better luck in this department. .. Other than that, it's great! Ma still uses the 'desktop' setting, cause, well, it's on her desktop! bol
    Ruby ♥
    pees: Good luck with all the improvements!! It sounds stressful, yet fun!

  14. Thank goodness you are well! We were worried! Sounds like things are very hectic at your house...do not envy having to move and temporarily relocate things. We have a new brother!

  15. Yikes not good. We've had out computer wiped out by a lightening strike. No fun. Greeting and good to see you back on line from Troutbirder, Mrs. T. and our new GSD Lily....:)

  16. hello jo and stella and zkat its dennis the vizsla dog hay welkum bak we hav missd yoo!!! dada has to yooze windows 8 okayzhunally on reemote seshuns for his wurk and is not a fan so he sez he feels yore pain!!! i am glad stells is gitting in lots of meeting and greeting it is not my thing but trixie seems to like it and it wuz just abowt tuckers fayvrit thing in the wurld after food of korse!!! ok bye

  17. So good to see you! We are trying to get back into the swing of things as well!

    Ruby and Angel Pip

  18. Sure you have been busy!
    I hope everything goes well
    My mom hopes she never has to use that Windows 8
    Take care

  19. Glad to see you and the gang back on line, T, Mrs. T& Lily....:)

  20. Windows 8.1! It's not for sissies! I'm glad you are back in action! I have been severely impaired by the Mom's very stressful factory conditions. She's a donkey on the edge! Please pray for her! Ha...

    Know that we love you all!

    Little Reufus and the Mom

  21. We are very happy to see you back and posting again. This windows updates can always be a pain when you first get them. Thanks for sharing the update with us. Have a wonderful day.
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