Not only do we bring you Saturday morning, but a new Month today!  As always, our pleasure!

Its hard to talk about this, but Stella is quite upset with me, her Mum.  I think she has resorted to calling
her law firm, the well known Dewey, Cheatham and Howe.

The reason?  She has gained quite a little weight over the winter and I have reduced her food by a mere quarter of a cup twice a day.  That means she is going from one full cup twice a day to 3/4 cup twice a day.  Now we all know exercise is important, but it has been raining and thundering which finds Stella somewhere else.  Sort of a sticky situation with us, the other night she stood in the doorway of my bedroom not allowing me in, until I found a treat for her.  She was most serious.  We hope the rain goes away so we can walk without fear of rain/thunder (her fear, not mine!) very soon and leave the lawyers out of it.

One of the problems Stella faces is being a mixed breed, she is half Labrador, and then half Spaniel.  Ah well, we will help get her down
a bit and she will feel better, I know.

Her announcement today is not to forget the Thunder Support Group for next Saturday, June 8th.  We had a good meeting last time, and will have a very special guest for our next week meeting.  Please plan to attend.  Anyone who has some fear of storms is welcome to attend.

We are hoping those folks who are in tornado weather are OK, like the Porties of Joplin, and the Overland Park Sibes and all the others
who might be concerned .  Scary business.

Sending good wishes to every buddy. . .

Jo, Stella and Zkhat---


  1. Stella I just want to offer my support for your totally justified protest against the starvation regime. Lets hope you get some decent weather soon and plenty of exercise so the diet restrictions can be eased.
    Toodle pip!

  2. LOL not the water and starvation diet. Yikes we wish you good weather so you can romp about Stella and get into shape. Lucky for us no bikini diet here. We will be there for the next meeting. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. I love the cat sign. Stella looks good any month of the year.

  4. just reading this morning about the devastation and deaths again. so very sad!

    i need to 'trim' a few of my pups, too...

  5. STELLA.... WE are with you TOTALLY on this Starvation thingy... We think that Mayor Madi should make a PAWklamayshun of some sort... to END the STARVATION in Blogville.

    I (Frankie Furter) WILL be at the Meeting on Saturday... We had 2 Bangs of Thunder Last Night... and I was... well, you understand.

  6. We are ready to say enough with the storms. Yesterday morning we had torrential rains and almost constant thunder and lightning for about three hours. Lots of flash flooding too. But that is nothing compared to what happened again in OK, and then into Missouri. We hope the Porties and pups were all spared.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  7. I have a whole pack of dogs that would agree with Stella! Which is why we 'fake 'em out' with green beans--But unfortunately there are some that don't always fall for it. We're here cheering Stella on to get that 'stellar' figure back very soon, so regular meals can be returned! Hope all is well, and you're enjoying your weekend!!

  8. Oh Stella, Sebastian is having a hard time dropping a few pounds. They just want to stay there and multiply. Maybe the two of you can exercise together long distance.

    We're all safe but soggy.

    Congrats on winning the Soggibottom hare. We know you'll love him. Midge does such beautiful work.

  9. Poor Stella. Our Daisy loves to eat, too, and she does have a tendency to get a bit portly. Fortunately for her, she also loves to run, and she has a lot of opportunity since we live in the country. She adores running with the horses. So, maybe Stella needs to get a horse!

  10. hello stella its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am sorry to heer abowt yore seveer dieterry reestrikshuns i hope they do not last long!!! also thank yoo for the sugjestchun abowt the thunder support groop i wil see if owr life koatch can put wun together for us dogs heer!!! ok bye

  11. Oh poor Stella, I did manager to take off a few pounds off my dogs with the raw food plan. I fed them pieces of turkey neck raw in the am (I have small dogs a lrager dog I woul give a half of neck). The raw bone is good for the gums and it cleans their teeth and they love to chew it. The evening meal was a few pieces (about 1/2 cup) of raw beef or chicken with veggies. I bought kale and a bag of frozen mixed veggies (nuke the veggies just to take the chill off and mix with the meat). They loved it. One pup would take out all his green beans and eat them last, Beats me! Lots of info on feeding dogs raw food on internet.

  12. June is the time feasting and plenty...oh, Stella we feel your pain! Any chance that you could supplement the missing kibble with some nice fresh salads or fruit? We like stringed beans and carrots, and watermelon, and berries. (and pasta salad but that probably won't be very lo-cal). It is especially fun when we get to go to Farmers' Market to help pick them out!

    We could sure use some of the rain and storms you all are getting. Unfortunately we get the noise and lightning (which is causing wildfires) but no water. YoYoMa will be at next Saturday's meeting...providing we are not experiencing thunder here and are unable to pry him out of his cave. Be well and healthy.

  13. Mmm. Thunder and diet restrictions are not a popular subject with Baron here either. Nice sounding law firm you have though on the case....:)

  14. Oh Stella, I feel your pain. I'm pretty thin now, but when I was younger I had some weight issues. Just keep giving her sad eyes and maybe she will break down and give you treats.

    Your pal, Pip

  15. Oh Stella. I'm so sorry about the thunder and it's scariness. I hope that it passes soon... and that you get back to full rations very soon. Otherwise, I'd call that law firm. I hear that they're great!

  16. Just stopping by to let you know you all are being thought about--Hope your week is ending on a good note!! Take care!!