Long Weekend!

Now usually I can start  out by wishing you a Happy Weekend, but I have arranged for you to have a three day weekend this time.  Oh, you deserve it, you do too!  Even as a long retired person, I still get happy with three days  instead of just two.  So make the most of it, have fun because I don't know when I can do this again!

Here is a little Memorial Day recollection from me.  Goes all the way back to 1943 when I was a first grader.  We were given flags to walk in our towns parade, and here is mine.

48 stars on this one, and a nice wooden painted staff to hold it with.  We turned out for the parade (most of us), we walked from one end of town to the other, with parents wildly applauding us.  We didn't know much in those days, but we knew this was for the soldiers who fought and protected us.  It was the day to decorate the graves of those who served and died.
I wonder if kids still do this, get out and march for something important.  We may not have understood it, but people told us how good we were to do it and it sure turned me into a flag waver at age five that has lasted my whole life.

Stella was asked by me, to pose with the flag and she told me she didn't want to because a storm was coming and she wanted to go to her special place.  This is all I could get from her.

I think she would have if she wasn't upset about a storm.  The flag is not in great shape but it hangs above a bookcase next to my chalkboard I got for Christmas one year.  My mother saved it for me and I am glad she did.  Thanking all of our military men and women, and hoping for some peace for all of us to enjoy.

Our friend Bobby from England who is the pup that never got adopted asked for some help today:  Hi Jo, We are still around just can not blog on windows 8 we keep
getting error code http://productforums.google.com/forum/?hl=en#!searchin/blogger/bX-5dvf4a, so we will have to keep trying. to find out if we can fix it.
Licks Bobby & PiP

If anyone can give him some advice, he is
bobby.grumpy@gmail.com and will be most appreciative of any help.  These folks do a wonderful job rescuing animals, and they need their computer!

Also our friends at Soggibottom are having a Giveaway of a beautiful  handmade stuffed Dartmoor hare and they would love to have you sign on and enter for this.  Look for their notice at the top of our sidebar!

And speaking of signing on, won't you make me happy by signing on to read our blog.  I was at 59 readers, then, I was expecting 60, but got 58 instead.  Now I am back at 59 and I definitely want 60! Want it!  Maybe I have to throw a giveaway.  Could happen!

Cheers and hugs all around,

Jo, Stella and Zkhat


  1. You did a good job with the long weekend! Here is just a normal one. But it's Saturday, yeah, not Monday:-)
    Liebe Grüße,
    Nr. 60

  2. Thank you, Number 60! I am thrilled! I just looked at yours and Luna's blog. It is beautiful and I will enjoy seeing it and would encourage others to look at it also. Like Luna, I don't like insects much and love to eat.

    Cheers and hugs,

    Jo and Stella

    1. Your post made me smile. I had exact the same, 59 followers, lurking for 60 and than got 58 haha.
      Luna and I are looking forward to read your blog. There is another Guinea pig, Lurchi. He was very sick this week but we think he makes it through.

  3. Have a lovely long weekend and we hope the weather is good too. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. i love that you still have that flag! how awesome!

    as for your friend with computer problems, the only thing i could suggest is switching his browser - instead of using internet explorer, download google chrome or firefox and try it then. they're free programs but google chrome seems to play best with blogger since they're in the same family. just a thought to try...

  5. and thanks for the weekend, jo!

  6. Thanks for the long weekend, although Mom says sometimes one day just melds into the next and there is no difference between weekdays and weekends.

    We have a week of storms hanging over us. Let's just hope none of them are bad ones.

    The oldest grandbiped was making pictures of flags yesterday and asked Mom if they had to make a new flag every time a new state was added. She told her that next week the two of them would do some research about that. It was good to hear a young one interested in something like that.

    Have a great three day weekend.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  7. I love that you have the flag and love the memory you've shared! My Dad was in the army and growing up on an army post, and close to where they raised and lowered the flag for the entire post every day, made me a patriotic flag-waver too!

    I wish I knew what to say to your friends about their computer problems--But on the flip side I see that you have 60 followers!! :-) !!

    PS: Congrats on 8030 days at your home with Otis, Eddie, Bitsy, Stella and Zhkat!!

  8. Heehee, like how you bounced back to 60!
    Thank you for the LONG weekend. We have household re-arranging to do... not so much fun, but keeps us off the streets. Our gang of four pups would like to come hang out with you, await from our noise!

  9. Wows, thanks for the long weekend!! BOL
    Love that flag! It looks like it was gently loved and used proudly!
    Now abouts the puter problems...no ideas, butt this isn't the furst time I've heard of peeps having problems with Windows 8, I thinks it was Mollie that actually had it taken off their new puter and Windows 7 installed! So, I have no idea....
    I can only repeat maybe using the Chorme Browser and see if they can make it work through that.

  10. Yes we still have small town parades here with elementary kids marching. Often dress up as well...:)

  11. Yay, you got your #60! I'm one of those, of course. I'm trying to figure out when we last had 48 stars on the flag. I love the photos but I'm sorry that Stella was afraid of a storm. Happy Weekend.

  12. hello stella its dennis the vizsla dog hay gud job posing with the flag in the fayse of an impending storm!!! that is more then i cud do and i am shoor that the men and women we remember on memoryall day wood appreesheyayt it!!! ok bye

  13. That's a great childhood memory. How nice that your mother saved your flag all these years.
    Poor Stella, worried about the storm. We once had a black lab who was terrified of thunder as she got older. She must have had a bad experience somewhere along the way. Daisy, however, is unphased by any kind of weather. She's a girl who just wants to have fun, rain or shine.

  14. Momma, too, remembers walking in town parades as a child and feeling as though she were personally responsible for respecting the traditions and the heroes; that somehow everyone had to add their heart to keep America strong. (truth be told she still stands for the national anthem and puts her hand over her heart). Stella, you did a fine job considering a brewing storm threatening.

  15. Stella, we would LOVE to add your voice in our Song to The Mailman! If we can't get you to visit, maybe we can phone and you can join in that way...or can your mom burn a musical CD of your harmonizing and we could get our momma to pop it in the stereo so when the mm comes, we can ALL sing together!