Hello Everybuddy!

Let me start by thanking all of you for your kind and thoughtful comments on our first post back! They all gladdened my heart after being down for a long time.

Now that I am feeling better, I have lots to do here.  Starting out with the kitchen cabinets and
here is where I wish I were highly organized  . . .but unfortunately that's not the case for me.  I think  I would need at least three clutter fairies to do what I need to do.  Did you know that a girl from Japan has written a book called How to Tidy Up (or something like that) and it is #1 on the New York Times best seller list.  That's another thing that made me happy, knowing there are SO MANY of us out there who need help.

So, today (another chilly one here in Minniesnowda) is my day in the kitchen  and I hope I can pitch about 100 pounds of junque and organize the keepers.

Wish me luck, won't you?

Cheers and hugs,

Jo, along with Stella and Zkhat who both go right back to bed after breakfast.  At least they are not underfoot!


So, do you think its the right time for Stella and I to do a come-back?

Stella wants you to see this poster.  Its from Pinterest and we hope they don't mind we borrow it.

Well, it appears we can't find it and does that frost Stella?  You bet!  We will keep at it and see if we can get it.

We have been away for a long time.  One of us, (Jo)has not been well and therefore not very interested in writing. She has had two visits to our local hospital, but now is doing much better and is determined to stay well.

Stella is tired of her whining and wants to get out for some good walks.  Jo is considering this, but it must be well above zero when this happens and so far its wicked cold.  Like 20 below some nights.

Zkhat finds us both tiresome and except for bedtime when she snuggles with us, she totally ignores us.  From a khat, we will take what we can get.

Hoping everyone is fine and we are mostly forgiven for deserting our blog.

Jo, Stella and Zkhat


Boomers All Around!

Hi Every Buddy!

Last time I told you next time I wrote we would have lots of pics of our home improvements . . .but none have taken place yet!
We have done all the things we are supposed to, put the work out for bid, and we are almost ready for the roof to be replaced but that can't begin until the electrician appears to remove an old fuse box, and on it goes!I suppose much of the problem is our short summer season and everyone wanting work done between now and fall.

Stella had a hard time with all the booming of fireworks on Independence day(it starts mid afternoon and continues on and on!)She could finally go to sleep when they finished.  The next day she slept away most of the day, then about suppertime we got a huge electrical storm,thunder and lightning in every window and it went on for hours!  Not a break to be had for dear Stella!

Maybe workers here next time I write and we'll try for pictures galore. Sending hugs all around and wishing you all a happy summer.

Jo,Stella and Zkhat (who is not upset by boomers)




I think we are finally back after working like a mad woman trying to figure out the operation of Windows 8.1!

I have missed terribly reading your blogs, hearing from you, it almost feels like we have moved away, because things are still in an uproar here.  

I need to have my roof replaced and since I use my upstairs as an attic, its full of fabric, furniture etc, that has to be moved or covered before they start, but first they are redoing the downstairs bathroom walls, and everything in there needs to be moved out (empty cupboards,etc).  So my main thought is where am I gonna put these things.  I think I will put it all in  the garage and hope for a good selling or giving day or two to come along.  

Stella and Zkhat are doing fine.  Stella has the most fun being "the Greeter" so as soon as workpeople arrive, she will be in her glory.

In the Dell crash I lost all my addresses so it would be great to hear from lots of you so I could contact you.  Thanks to Gail and Bertie, Kathy the Photog, and Tex for writing me.  No, I didn't lose all my photos in the crash, but had just put the collection up on discs a week or three before,and i am so glad about that.

So next time, we'll have some pics and more news of the re-do!

Cheers and hugs all around,

Jo, Stella and Zkhat


Has this ever happened to you?

Hello Every Buddy!

Long time no see, but I am very busy trying to do lots of houseworky things that I didn't do when I was so sick since last late summer. (I am fine now!)

Tonight I was sitting at the computer, I turned around and Zkhat was sitting on the washer staring at me.  Trying to do some kind of mind meld maybe (I'll have to check her food and water dish!)  I had my camera at the ready, and snapped a picture and got this "I wasn't looking at you, I was just sitting here thinking."  She was definitely STARING though, but here is the picture I got:


We are having gruesome weather like lots of the USA is having, just so far, nothing dangerous, but this coming week is predicted for rain
every single day!

Zkhat doesn't care though because she doesn't do outdoors, and Stella just is not for going out in it either except in emergencies.

We hope somewhere, here in the USA, someone is having some  nice weather.

We had some pre-Easter visitors with a little guy named Jacob who was celebrating his first birthday.  I was thinking of what I could buy him for a present when it ocurred to me my son Mike's blocks were up in the attic, 46 years old and in fine shape.  So we gave them to Jacob and he just loved them. Nothing like antique Playschool Blocks for this little guy.

Sending everyone all best wishes and good weather!

Jo, Stella and Zkhat


What to do with the pictures!

Hi Everybuddie,

We were told sometime back by a computer tech, we had to get rid of some of our pictures!  So like anybody does in the spring, we have been housecleaning the computer.  We plan to put lots of them on a disc, so we don't lose them and toss what we don't care so much about.

But here is my problem, almost every picture I have saved tells me a little story, and I really love that.  With this picture I am gonna show you today, its about my neighborhood when I was a kid.    You couldn't go to anyone's house at certain times of the day because all the old ladies couldn't miss "their stories" which means soap operas.  When they came to our house, they would drink coffee and TALK endlessly about what was going on .  It would sort of aggravate my Mom, who couldn't hear well enough to make sense of the stories but she would pretend to be interested.  So you can see why I fell in love with this


A very long time ago, there were about 20 or more stories (soaps) on daily.  You had to carefully choose what to hear or see.  But I think today they are down to six or so!  But like my mother, I never caught the pleasure of seeing them!

Happy Springy Weather to everyone!

Jo, Stella and Zkhat






                    THE WORLD!