Missing Days!

This is one of my favorite cat pictures.  What cuddlers they are!

I'm here to tell you about my Monday day at the hospital.  It was most exciting because I planned to ride the bus.  It was cold as could be with winds blowing like mad.  No bus running due to Veteran's Day, no daughter-in-law to drive me, they were having the day off too.  No one at home at my neighbor's house, Dee was working, so I kept trudging along, found someone at the library and asked for a ride (you get nervy when you get old) and the lady cheerfully gave me a ride to the hospital. 

So I am there, get registered, am directed to sit in a lovely livingroom like waiting area.  At 11 am I am taken to a hospital room where I get kitted out for the surgery table.  Then a young man comes in,
and starts asking me questions.  In retrospect, I think they mostly want to know if you have all your marbles (and I do!)  He leaves, then comes back and takes me into the surgery room.  My favorite Doc is there and talks to me for a while, the the young man gives me multi meds (knock out stuff) and I nicely doze off.  I wake up in the same room, everyone says we are finished and all went well.  They take me back to the first room, I get into my street clothes, the young nurse tells me she will call my ride for me and I said make it a Taxi please.  She gave me an appointment with my Doctor for a week away where we will share information and I was picked up and home by 2 pm.  Very efficient group of people!

So no information yet, but just thought you might like a few details . . .did you?  I can tell you this, despite the efficiency and the pleasant group of people employed at the hospital, it will take a long time to talk me back into one of these things.  Why?  Oh, you who have had this know, don't you.  You are forced to drink a gallon of horrible fluid which will clean out your system totally.  Arrgh!  If someone would re-invent a way to do this that wouldn't involve the fluid, people would be lined up to have this procedure!




  1. Hi Jo,
    Good to hear from you, and that you survived the episode at the hospital. The cat picture is so cute, although Bertie does not agree.
    PS Fingers and paws crossed here in Scotland that the 'information' from the hospital, when it comes through, is what you want to hear.

  2. oh, bless you! yuck-o, though! :)

    i wish i lived nearby. i would be your shuttle driver. :)

  3. Glad you're snug at home again. Get a good night's sleep. I've been thinking about my big sis today.

  4. That is a wonderful photo of the cuddling kitties.

    I hope that you don't need another of those for a long long time! I'm glad you came through it just fine and are obviously back to your usual level of feistiness!

  5. I'm glad you made it to the hospital and back okay, and I hope you don't have to go back to the hospital for a long while!

    The cats are adorable!

  6. Dear Auntie Jo,

    I would have pulled you to the hospital? Just say'in'.



  7. We too are glad you got there and back OK and we hope that is the last of it. Fingers crossed.
    Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  8. Oh, yes, been there, done that. I was so happy to learn I don't need another one for 10 years!

  9. Oh Jo …… glad you came through that OK. My mum has to have that PLUS a camera down her throat and into her tum. She is not looking forward to either!

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie xxx

  10. Sometimes you are too independent! Glad you got there safely and that you decided on a taxi for your homeward trip. Tests like that are awful but hopefully came with great results. Please take care, you are important to us.

  11. Oh man! Well, good for you getting a ride to the hospital! I would have gladly had Ma drive you if you were around here!! And she would have waited there, cause she has tons of electronic devices to read and play games on that keep Ma in a comatose state where hours can go by and she doesn't realize! BOL
    Glad everything went good, and that you are home and are able to eat what ever you want now!!
    Ruby ♥

  12. Alls well that end well. Err well as awful as it is I believe they make you drink somewhat less than they did a decade ago when I first.....:(