Welcome to Willa Mary!

Hello Everybuddy!

As promised here is our new girl, named Willa Mary after two very good friends of mine and soon to be hers, I am sure.

She found a book among her belongings, something about Widdicomb Moor, her old home, and she has been sharing that with the Old Lady and Little Bear. They are both so enamored of this little girl, she is really a bright spot in their lives.

Willa Mary is wearing  a pretty green dress, with an embroidered collar she found among our sewing things. 

Thanks for welcoming her and she probably won't be popping up on the blog very often, being busy and having fun.

Cheers and hugs all around,

Jo, Stella, Zkhat, Willa Mary, Old Lady, Little Bear

Happy Weekend to All!


  1. Looking good Willa Mary. Have lots of fun. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Willa Mary is cool! Does she have a British accent? I love her hometown, Soggibottom?

  3. i like her name - and her pretty duds. :)

  4. Willa Mary, you now have a very beautiful name. Have lots of fun there, but do pop in once in a while with an update on life with Jo, Stella, and Zkhat.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  5. Oh, that is just the cutest bunny evers!! Welcome Willa Mary!!

  6. I think she's adorable! What a special name she has, too! Thanks for sharing her with us. I don't mind if she appears again.


  7. I love her name. It's perfect. She's such a cutie that I hope that we get to see her here again!

  8. Looks like that little Dartmoor hare really fell on her paws when she landed your side of the pond. New dress, new home, new friends, and now a name :-)
    Hum... yep, has she still got her English accent we wonder :-) ?
    :-) x x x

  9. Stella, it is YOUR family who should write storybooks. They would delight children and adults as well. Your new Willa Mary will greatly enjoy life among the northern girls.

    You have set a tall goal for achievement by next summer...a boy of your own AND a dad like mine (and maybe you ought to ask your mom about that last part first)! We would share our dad with you but it would have to be a virtual thing...we would miss him too much if he went to live at your house part of the time (and MY momma might have some thoughts about that,too). We hope life is good for everyone at your place; know we send good thoughts every day.

  10. Have allotments of joy there, but do burst in once in a while with an revise on life with Jo, Stella, and Zkhat. . Challenge coins