A letter recieved from Shado

Hooray, another great letter from my pal Shado in Arizona!  I will answer it to his Mom's blog at
http://arizonabren.blogspot.com/ so about TUESDAY you canfind my answer there!



Dear Stella,
Wow, I think it has been a long time since we wrote each other. I have a lot to tell you!
We got new neighbors. Two labs, one black and one chocolate. They seem like really neat neighbors. We don't bark much at each other, but we know when each of us is across the block wall. A tiny bit of whining expresses a "hello", "hey there", or just "you there?" They moved here from Wyoming and I think our summer heat has hit the whole family pretty hard. BUT GET THIS - they also have a cat! A CAT!!! We don't know the cat's name, but we see it a lot. It uses their doggy door to go outside. And when it is outside, it walks the walls around our house, it walks on our roof, and it sits at our front door. Since none of us (me, Toby, Sophie, Gus) know much about cats, we usually bark at it. And you know what IT DOES? It sits on the wall AND stares at us!!! Can you believe that? It doesn't flinch, it doesn't run away. It just sits and stares. Once in jumped into one of their trees that has branches that hang over into our yard. I thought, "it's not going to last long in that tree." But it sat there and stared at me for at least 15 minutes. WHAT IS IT WITH CATS???? You have one for a pet, right, Stella?? Enlighten me! And why don't the two labs chase it? I can't wait until you explain CATS to me!
I'm sorry you have such horrible thunderstorms. Does your thundershirt help? We will be getting lots of thunderstorms in the next few weeks, when Monsoon season starts here. We usually get BIG dust storms (they call 'em habubs), and then gully washing rain and LOTS of thunder and lightning. And then the power goes out. Once the power went out for a long time. You know, even with the rain, it doesn't cool off and so we sat in misery with temps about 105 degrees.
Anyway, B. reads to us when the thunder starts. I think she hopes that her voice and storytelling will make us forget about the thunder. It doesn't always help. But we sit in the closet with her, and she reads. My favorite book for her to read is "Walter the Farting Dog". Do you have that book? It is great. It was B's dad book, and B inherited it. We should send it to you. You know, Toby's name should be Walter. We can send you Toby, too, okay?
Well that is it for now. We had our cousins Ondine and Holly Ann visit from Prescott. Ondine is a black lab, Holly Ann is a goldie. They stayed with us for a few days. I'll write about THAT event in my next letter.

I think of you often, Stella!
love with kisses of treats,
The rest of Shado's family, front row Toby, Sophie, Shado, Gus
and Cousin Vinny in the back


  1. Can't wait to read what you have to say about cats Stella.
    Oh and I am going to see if we can find 'Walter the Farting Dog' on Amazon. It sounds great.
    Toodle pip!

  2. We had a fox one year that did that. Sat in the ivy on the fence next door and just starred at us. We'd bark at it and it just looked at us like we were dumb. It came each day that whole summer. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. oh, i just love that pack! i hope you can explain cats to them. :)

  4. Maybe you could explain cats to all of us. We have a mean one in the neighborhood. When he comes on our porch, he growls and spits at us. Not very friendly!
    Morgan, Sebastian, the Porties, Syd and Mac

  5. I must say cats are wierd creatures. I chase mine (Simba) around the house at ever opportunity. I never catch him, he so quick, but it still fun to try.
    Baron (A charter member of the Thunder Support Group)

  6. Cats are nutty! We have one that thinks he's a dog and one who lives in hiding from everyone.

  7. It sounds like my pack moved in next door to Shado - err, except for the cat!

  8. Kittehs are just crazy I tell ya!! I try to tell them that every time I see one....I don't think they care....

  9. Aw, what a fun letter from your friend Shado. He seems to have an interesting life, but I wouldn't want all that heat with no A/C power, even temporarily.
    Our Daisy doesn't understand cats, either.

  10. I have had cats for a long, long time and have grown really fond of them. That said, they are independent little buggers and seems like sometimes just want to aggravate you. Occasionally Leo bugs me so much, I tell him to GO OUTSIDE! After awhile he will want back in and he's like, "sorry I pissed you off dude, can we be friends again?"

  11. Stella, we got your letter today. You are an awesome pen-pal, and thank you for the hints/info on CATS! Oh my!!!
    We shared your letter here:

    Thanks, too, for the idea to send Tooter Toby home with our Cousin Vinnie next time. Trouble is, Vinnie toots, too. Hmmm, maybe his family won't notice Toby the farting dog in the mix?!
    You are the best, Stella!
    love, Shado

  12. Sure it was great to get that letter from Shado.
    I can understand he is so confused about cats!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs