Good Saturday to everfurry buddy!  We hope that you have all had a good week and are ready to enjoy your weekend.

We want to congratulate Big King Pipster and His Queen for a most successful Bucket Tour and we will admit we are glad they are home again.  The Cheeseburger King and his beloved Nurse had lots of fun all over the USA.  We didn't invite him to Minnesota because we know he doesn't like snow and cold, but now I bet he wouldn't have missed it.  So Congrats you two on a great trip.

 Speaking of snow and cold, it is going sub-zero again and we had four inches of new snow on Friday.. More on the way today!  We aren't going to complain about it though, as long as our shovels work we can keep busy with it.  Stella is having trouble finding good spots to "go" in the backyard, it being too deep for her but she will just have to soldier on.  Spring I am sure will get here easily by mid-May!

I have been sewing, not  the quilt blocks I intended but a little gift for my son's office.  This is a Minnesota Star and if you will look closely you will see the center star consists of dollar signs and watches, so it is named "Time is Money" , an old saying but appropriate to a business office.  Here is the closeup:
I think you can click on these to see them up even closer.  I planned to put a brown binding with pine cones, but now I think it needs something brighter, maybe to pick up that gold.  I will experiment with this a little.  If anyone has any ideas for it, I will always listen!

Did you happen to read the Letter to my Cat article written on the Candidae blog?  Seems there has been a book of Letters to My Dog which has been very successful and now they are going to do one for cats.  I thought a long time about any cat I or my family ever had that I would write a love letter to and finally came up with one.  A grey Tomcat that my Dad called the Long Grey Line (after a movie about West Point!).  I was about 14 or 15 and I would pick this long skinny cat up and put him around my neck and wear him like a scarf almost!  In the summer my mother would put a big bouquet of Pink and white Peonies in a vase that sat on top of a book case.  The cat would climb up there, get behind the vase, stick his head through the flowers and check out everyone in the livingroom.  It was a funny surprise to walk into the room, look up and see these beautiful pink and white flowers with a big grey face in the middle.  I could write a love letter to almost every dog I have ever had or been around, but somehow the cats just lead their own lives.

Here is  a little funny to end this with.  Can't you just imagine the ad taker asking the person to describe the pony???

 I may get going on my quilt blocks soon, even show you the lost and found fabric I love so much.  But it seems like I am someone who just goes where my thoughts lead me. 

Cheers and hugs all around, and have a happy weekend.

Jo, Stella and Zkhat


  1. Are yeu kidding me? Sub-zero and four inches ob neu snow??? It whas about 80 here teuday wif glorious sunshine. I deu habbs a bit ob the jellies on a counta I due lubbs cold wheffer...

    I also deu lubbs yeur quilt! I whish my the Mom whas talented like that, butt she iss knot.

    wif lubbs from Little Reufus

  2. Wow that is cold. Stay warm! We all enjoyed Pip & Puddles Appreciation Day yesterday. Your quilting is fabulous. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. A year ago it was 74 degrees here in Bluff Country . Enough winter is enough.....

  4. How I remember those 'springs' - and I used that term loosly -when I lived in North Dakota. It was so frustrating along about Aprilish when the robins would appear. You knew spring had finally come. And then we'd get a spring blizzards. Dead robins everywhere. :(

  5. the ad is too funny! that skinny cat sounds adorable, too.

    hope stella manages with all the snow! (you, too!)

    love the star w/ time is money. clever woman!

    Love the Time is Money thingy.

  7. OOOOPS... furgot to mention P & P appreciation..
    Maybe it was those two, WHO HAVE STOLEN SPRING... they take everythingy ELSE that isn't nailed down. BaaaWaaaah.

  8. Thank you SO MUCH!!! This was such a wonderful surprise and we are so grateful to have such lovely friends!!

    As king of the Cheeseburgers I declare - CHEESEBURGERS for ALL!

    Your pal, Pip

  9. We were very happy to share in the big Pip and Puddles Day - nice to have so many friends.

    The quilting is beautiful. Mom just goes "sigh" and something about one of these days.

    Not a flake of snow here but maybe some sort of mix tomorrow. Mom says that just means more mud.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  10. Oh, that sure looks cold Stella!!! Wows. (it's gonna be 72F today...you can come to visit!! BOL)
    I love the new quilt!! Very cool.

  11. Blocks are awesome, Jo!
    95 here on Thursday. Yesterday was just 93. More the same today...

    The guys hope Stella plows on!

  12. Hi Jo,
    Too bad about the new snow. We had some here too this week, but a day later it was all gone again. Soldiering on is something that HGY and HGD are doing a lot of these days, so tell Stella she is not alone.
    The quilt looks great, and I couldn't possibly come up with any ideas for improving it. Sorry!
    Cheers, Gail.

  13. We're getting a lot of rain right now, but at least it washes all the snow away! lol Spring seems very slow in arriving this year. I don't mind winter much, at least when it's pretty, but I'm tired of looking at dead grass and dormant trees. I'd like to see some colors besides grey and dull brown!

  14. hello stella its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow hav yoo let the op pack no that yoo stil hav snow??? i bet they wood be happy to come visit if they noo abowt that!!! it is gud that those peepul klarified wot a pony is otherwise i mite hav thawt it luked like an elefant or sumthing!!! ha ha ok bye

  15. Wow, you have a lot of snow. I'm glad ours is gone now, except in the mountains above 8000 ft.
    Your quilting is beautiful! I wish I was patient enough to make a quilt.
    My dog Daisy would make a good friend for Stella. Daisy loves to romp in the snow.

  16. I love that time and money quilt fabric. Where did you ever manage to find it? Quilting is a good pasttime for all these cold Minnesota days you've been having!

  17. You are SO talented, Jo. Wow! I love your quilt so much! And, the time is money part is really creative. You rock!

    We understand how it's tough to keep getting snow in springtime... I hope that Stella soldiers on!