Winter Wonder why we stay Land!

Stella here:

You know me, I love snow, I love to stick my snooter in it and smell whats there.  I love eating fresh snow!  I love walking around my little yard and making myself a nice path in it!

But this time, its too much, its scary, and I hate this big snow we got.  We got up this morning, and couldn't get either front or back door open except with a shovel and an ice breaker!  When we finally got the back door partly open, I could just barely squeeze myself out.  The steps to the porch were gone, they were not there!!! 

My Mom got out.  She started shoveling the porch, tossing it off into the yard.  I tried to find the steps, couldn't, so I just jumped off the porch.  The snow came up over my back!  I tried to get through the drifts, but it was hard.  Then try to find a pee spot!  Impossible!  But I did what I could and made my way back to the safety of the porch, with difficulty.  

Mom, I said, we gotta get out of here!  I don't even want to look at it!

I am six years old and have never seen a snow storm like this was.  I hope I never do again.

My Mom got the door open and most of the snow cleared off the porch, but we are supposed to get more tonight she said.  Oh, noes, I say!  She said don't worry, tomorrow I will find the steps. and in the meantime, come in and I will fix us breakfast. 

Mom had a hard time opening the front storm door and the snow was just as deep there, except our beloved plow guy cleared the drive way.  Hooray say I!

So once again we are open, front and back.  We can go some places.

Our friend Remington said in his comment to us:  Isn't the Snow Awesome?  Rem, I think both me and my Mom could think of six better words than that for what is here. but if your snow is awesome, we are glad!

We hope all the rest of you folks are just fine, and escaped much of the snow.  We know the east coasters did not, and lots of us Upper Midwesters didn't either.  But we made it so far!

Cheers and hugs,

Stella, Jo, and Zkhat


  1. OH that is so SCARY... We would NOT want as much snow as the other parts of the country have gotten in the last few days..
    We are GLAD that PLOW GUY came and that you are now able to get out a bit. WHEW...
    Stay Safe and guard your Pee Places CAREFULLY.. THEY are very much important!!

  2. oh, stella. wish i lived closer to come help your mom shovel you out some more! but glad you had some plowing help!

  3. Ugh ... my Stella agrees with you, Stella. Too much. March is coming though ... heavy wet snows then too ... double ugh.

  4. Hi Godpawrents! I've never seen snows and I hope I never see 'em like that!!

    Your godson,


    1. You should all know that the name we submitted for the Rottrover's new dog (Otto) was chosen and with it we wished to be Otto's godparents and we were accepted. Such an honor!

      Notice how nicely he writes! We are proud of him.

      Jo and Stella

  5. Hang on in there Stella and Jo (frankly it looks like you don't have any other option). And congratulations on your new Godpup Otto. We think, with Stell'a stern but loving guidance, he'll turn out well!
    Toodle pip!

  6. Oh dear that sounds like too much snow. Blimey it must take some time and some back breaking work to clear it away. Stay warm and stay safe. We hope you don't get anymore today. Have a terrific snowless Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. I know...I know just how you feel, and I understand your thoughts on that nasty white stuff!!! Yes indeedy. After living in the Colorado Foothills for nearly 50 years, I was READY and very willing I might add to go South after retiring!!! Thank goodness.

    Stay warm.

  8. Hey there Stella,
    Just thought I'd drop by and send some 'warm' wishes from South Africa. I can just imagine your winter-wonderland. Glad you are safe.

  9. Oh, my, you guys must feel like you're living in an igloo! Stay warm, stay safe. Hope you've got a lot of good books on hand.

    P.S. I see you got the word on my daughter Lara's new venture! She's an awesome chick, if I say so myself!

  10. Wows! That's ALOT of snow Stella!! I'm glad I live in California....all we have to worry abouts is floods, earthquakes, wild fires, tornados,tsumanis, and drought....on second thought....

  11. It's been 60s here for several days. Today is colder and the weather dude promised that we'd get snow tonight. But first he promised 4 inches and now he says maybe an inch, so we probably won't get any again.
    Morgan, Sebastian, the Porties, Syd and Mac

  12. Howdy Stella Up Over. Wowza we have been hearing and watching TV about your big storms and snow and can't believe it. We hope you don't get anymore for your sake cause that shovelling business sounds mighty hard. Keep warm sweetie pie and be careful. We don't want your mum with anymore eggs on her head ok? No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  13. That is a lot of snow! I'm so glad that your plow guy came, and I hope that you can keep your doors open. I'll be thinking of you!

    Good job thinking up Otto's name!

  14. Too much of a good thing! Bet you wish you could visit us right now and lie on the sun-warmed deck. Please tell your mom to be VERY careful...and you too. You never know what is hidden under all of that snow.

    P.S. the family photos were just for us, nothing special.

  15. Yikes Stella. I don't know. It sounds like trouble but then remember I'm the tallest GSD around. Troutbirder says we need snow cause of the drought here in Bluff Country. I like it cause it slows down the squirrels and I can actually catch of few of them.

  16. O Miss Stella... how scary! Whee wood like a little snow, but I guess the key word is "little". I amb habby yeu got yeur paff cleared!

    wif lubbs from Little Reufus

  17. The real question here in the and of Enchantment is whether we like red or green sauce on our tacos. For the most part for chicken tacos, it is usually green and mild. For beef we like a BIT of red (dad's favorite made from dried chiles as opposed to green made from fresh)and LOTS of lettuce and oodles of cheese.

    We would be MORE than happy to provide a tour of some of the world's best tacos anytime you can dig yourselves out of the state of snowness and come Southwest!

  18. hello stella its dennis the vizsla dog oh hay wow that is a lot of sno all rite!!! we hav had a lot of snow heer but it is konfined to the mowntins and has not trappd us in the howse!!! altho i think tucker mite like to be trappd in the howse if it ment he cud sit on sumwuns lap all day!!! ok bye

  19. Oh Stella! What a storm you got. I hope by now it's easier to get around in. Good luck...Hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day!

  20. Hey! I'm just stopping by as I catch up on some blog reading and thought I'd let you know I'm thinking about you! I hope you're enjoying your day and if that snow hung around or you have new snow, I hope you're having fun AND staying warm too!

  21. I sure wood like teu know that yeu are out from under and enjoying yeur snows. Since I can knot know... I whill send you tons ob lubbs, just cause...

    Little Reufus

  22. Wow, that was a lot of snow. HOpe you haven't had another bad storm this year.