What I didn't want to reveal!

This is Jo again.  My friend Loy wrote me a nice note today and told me what a good thing it is to get rid of all the stuff you no longer need. She says its even a good form of exercise, burn up those excess calories and carbs.  But, alas, my story is that I am an Attention Deficit Disorder Adult.  This is how getting rid of stuff works for me.

1.There are a half dozen old magazines in the rack .  I pull them all out and the first one has an article on How to Get Organized.  I'll just take a minute to look this over, and 15 minutes has me deeply engrossed with the piece.  It seems they are suggesting finding some shelves to put up and what to use them for.
I just want to throw away, not store.
2. The next magazine is on Knitting.  All kinds of patterns,  whoo, here is a nice one for a winter hat.  Just what I need.  But I know I don't have any of that yarn but maybe I should just go look in my yarn stash and see. 
3. Nope, I don't have any, maybe I will just take a quick trip to the yarn shop and see if I can find something suitable.  Wish I had this today, I need something to keep my head warm!
4. I got just the thing, and will start this hat tonight.  I just ran into a friend who has coffee on her mind, and after she picks up what she wants, we'll go warm up with a cup or two.
5. Coffee shop is busy today and we are enjoying just good old fashioned coffee with cream and a cookie, maybe two.  We get into a long conversation about that organizational article I was reading about, she doesn't agree with me about the shelves being sort of silly.
She says if you just have someplace to put things then once a week you can go through the shelves and see whats to keep and whats to toss.  Uhh, maybe she is right.
6.  Oh gee, its 5 pm already.  The time goes by so fast!  I have to get home and fix Stella her supper.  She wants it the same time every day!
7.  So I am back home, 4 hours later, I toss the other magazines into the Library bag for their Free Mag Shelf, keep the knitting magazine and am looking for the right size needles.  I know they are here somewhere.  At least I got rid of five magazines!
8. Tomorrow I will do better, I just know I will.

Stella and Zkhat are both sleeping through this.  They have decided I do better by myself than with them around.

Anybody else out there like me?



  1. thanks for the laugh. :) i'm not a big 'hanger-onto-cluttery-stuff'. :)

  2. Love it!!! We must be sisters after all. I enjoy organizing my patterns and magazines because I find all sorts of things I'd forgotten. A great way to spend a day.

  3. Your day was a lot like mine was, and I'm okay with it, and you should be too!! :-)

  4. Ha ha ha! You just described what goes on here to a T! At least you'll have a nice hat soon and you had coffee with a friend!

  5. I'm exactly like you... and I'm giggling at your commentary!

  6. Oh, Ma is JUST LIKE THAT! Oh, she thinks, "I wanted to read that article in Popular Science" so she keeps it, and the next and maybe the Better Homes and Garden, and lets not throw away that People!".....sad woman...I'm tryin' to gets ahold of them and shread them myself, butts she seems to always catch me.
    Wish me luck....

  7. Oh dear Jo, I can just imagine. For me, the ADDA takes on a slightly different form when clearing out. I take a pile of papers or other stuff, decide, oh I can't be bother to look through every single one I'll toss the lot, then a couple of weeks later some key item has mysteriously gone missing...

  8. Nope peeps is a neat freak. If it hasn't got a place something has to go. The local hospice charity does very nicely and the peeps feels good as it goes to a good cause and it also gets re-cycled. Mind you peeps doesn't buy much so it is not the biggest problem. Well at least you started. That deserves a pat on the back. Have a fabulous Friday and happy knitting.
    Best wishes Molly

  9. Oh my. This is all way to familiar. And besides all this if I throw something away that I haven't needed for years a week later...... Yup. I need it.