Just a cute little film!

After watching this you may have the feeling you are living in the wrong country . . .


Too cold to go walking, so like Loy, I am tossing and pitching those items we no longer need!  Or maybe just boxing them for further consideration.  You know, when you grow up with a mother who lived in poverty during her youth, and married during the depression, throwing things away doesn't come naturally to you.  The words "Someone Could Use That" roll around in your thoughts.
But I never seem to find that someone, so pitch  it goes!

Here's looking at you!

Jo, Stella, and Zkhat


  1. The war generation are like that keeping everything from string to old clothes. Nothing gets thrown out. We make ourselves feel better by donating to charity shops for re-selling, not that we throw out much. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. i was raised by a very practical, frugal mother, too. when i throw away a bread bag without rinsing it, drying it inside out and re-using it, i feel guilty. :)

  3. Yep! Living in the wrong country for sure!! I might even take up spinning!

  4. Wherever that is, I want to go and get some exercise!

  5. Yups, spinning is gonna be on Ma's to do list! BOL

  6. We go through purges here every so often! It isn't easy to do, though!

  7. Will you ever thaw out? Do you spin faster on ice?

  8. Think your mom and I although YEARS APART :-) might have grown up to really NOT THROW STUFF if it can be recycled... I just love that word Recycled. it means old stuff. Someone's rubbish but another person's treasure :-)
    No snow here. Not what the T.V. news tells us. A few miles down the road, huge snow drifts.. but not snow here :-) Strange world.. I don't mind missing out by the way :-)
    Keep warm and keep safe and lots of love from Soggibottom Cottage and Freya Rose Blossom and Frankie de tabby x x x Ah, cat, get off of the mouse !

  9. I liked the video. If they had something like that ere I might not hate going to the gym so much.

    I'm a packrat, but Rob is even worse. He actually brings home other people's junk.

  10. I have great difficulty pitching stuff... Kudos to you! Funny Video! Back when I rode a stationary bike after my surgery, I wanted to hook it up to a homemade ice cream maker... burn my calories while creating more yummy stuff to eat :)

  11. Hey Jo and Stella--THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE MENTION!!! Glad you enjoyed that entry. Have 'fun' clearing out your stuff. It's a bunch of work, but will really help you burn some calories, so who needs a walk! LOL I got a big kick out of your video--very funny. Thanks again, I appreciate your 'plug'. STAY WARM!!