Oh, what a beautiful morning!

Zkhat caught sight of it first!  She jumped up on my bedroom window and looked long and hard at what Winter did last night.

 Old Man Winter brought us at least 6 inches of new snow and while we can all complain endlessly about it, on this day there is nothing but beauty to see. (My son Mike and I planted that evergreen about 20 years ago, and I get happy every time I look at it!)

This is the little honeysuckle bush that is mostly expired, but it just keeps on, no falling down, and today its really beautiful. 

So now I see that our forecast for tonight is Scattered Flurries and northwest winds blowing 15 to 25 miles an hour .  We have jokingly said Flattered Skurries and now I even read it that way!
Wednesday we will be getting the very same thing.  High winds and Skurries!  I have a mental picture of those snow pictures where all you can see is roof and chimney of a house. 

The Ao4 in Kansas  is getting 70 degree weather and playing on their deck!  Stella ran out into  this snow, was up past her belly and headed back for the house.  I couldn't even get a good picture of her.

Are you getting anything like Winter?  Once new stuff starts coming, and then the wind gets high, you may not hear from us until May or June!

Wishing you well and hoping for the best!

Jo, Stella and Zkhat


  1. 70s, stormy skies and rain here. severe weather warning for this afternoon/evening as colder temps collide.

    i like your (i mean zkhat's) view. :)

  2. That does look beautiful. Strong winds, rain, and temperatures a couple of degrees above freezing here in Aberdeen, Scotland. i.e. situation normal for late January.
    Toodle pip!

  3. Yesterday it was 74 degrees. Today it's still warm but we're having rain, the first rain in months. We're delighted to see rain, but it makes it vary hard to get young puppies outside as often as they need to go. They'll be spending some time in their pen with lots of papers down. It's a shame when their training has been going so well. Oh well, that's the way it goes sometimes.

  4. Stay warm and safe. Here it has gone from snow to very mild but windy and yet more rain. Hope your snow is enjoyable and not too bad. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Ice in our parts! Would rather have snow!

  6. Oh, I wouldn't mind the snow for a while! We're having 65 degrees and sunshine all week! We are spoiled fursure! Ma's plants are still (almost) alive...most things live through all seasons here. I would like some snow though....looks like fun!

  7. It was over sixty degrees here and raining like crazy, but it's supposed to turn to snow overnight and we're supposed to get much colder here tomorrow. Darn it!

  8. No doubt about it, snow makes a lovely scene! Everything looks so tranquil and still and...oh yeah....COLD!

  9. It does look pretty, but I would rather enjoy it from the inside.

    Loveys Sasha

  10. Jo, should we send you a shovel so you can dig out of the snow in a few weeks? It sure LOOKS beautiful...

  11. It's definitely beautiful but I don't think I'm envious!

  12. Gorgeous! I love your pine tree that you and Mike planted 20 years ago. It makes me smile too!

    Flatter skurries! I may never forget that phrase!

  13. I've been wondering where our beautiful winter has gone to, and now I know--YOU have it!! We have pouring rain here--Our ground can't hold any more water and everything is a muddy mess!!!