A story of Forgiveness--or not!

Zkhat here.  I just read a post on my special friend Tober's blog where he spoke about a fight he had with one of his assistants (He is the boss of an library in Indiana).  He said that she tried to make up with him but finally a twig of fresh catnip did the trick.  But he said it might not last.

My Mom says forgiveness is a very good thing, and I have a bad memory of something Stella did to me that I cannot forgive.  Quite a while back, when Stella was fairly new here, she did this bad thing that I cannot forgive her for.

She came up to me in the livingroom and sat by me.  I didn't run away because I was trying to not be afraid of her.  What she did was
she put her whole open mouth over my whole head!!!!

You can see how huge her mouth is with all those big sharp teeth in it!   She didn't clamp down so I ran away as fast as my legs would carry me.  My Mom saw this happen so she knows  its true.  Mom came after me to see if I was hurt, but she said there were no bites or hurts on my head at all.  But I say inside my head I was scared enough to last forever.  I stayed upstairs where Stella is not allowed and heard my Mom scolding her for her badness!

We cats never forget people who are kind to us, but we also never forget dogs who put our heads in their mouths and that is why I can't forgive Stella.   Would you forget it if you were to have this happen?

I hope all you cats out there let me know what you would do.  I do know it will never happen again!

Purrrs and headbutts,

Ziva Zophia (aka Zkhat)


  1. stella was just giving you a hug. by mouth. over your head. :)

  2. Sorry we laughed , funny yes , funny not , it's a cat and dog thing. We are sure Stella was just saying whose boss.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Zkhat, we want you to think before you answer - OK? Have you ever done anything bad to Stella? And has she forgiven you? We suspect the answer to both questions is YES. Maybe it really is time to forgive your sweet sister :).

    Woos - The OP Pack

  4. Ah Poor Zkhat,
    We are sure Stella did not mean to be bad, we have to agree with the OP pack, its time to forgive.
    Licks Bobby

  5. Oh no, that's terrible. I know Stella didn't mean it, but I am sure it was very scary! I am about the same size as my feline sisters so they don't fear me at all. Sometimes, I think they think I am just another cat.

    Your pal, Pip

  6. Hey Zkhat I really HOPE that you and Stella will both get into the OLYMPICS... there will be Plenty of Events that would be purrrrfect fur BOTH of you to enter...

  7. Hmmm.... I am not a cat.... but I am sure she did it because she wanted to play with you.... no intention of hurting you!
    I hope you can forgive her... one day!
    Kisses and hugs

  8. Who knows why we dogs do what we do. As long as you can get away with it..... we try it on!!

    Good that she didn't chomp down!

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie xxx

  9. Zkhat, you believe cats are the highest level of development of creatures on this planet. If this is so, you must admit that includes being more compassionate, having more empathy for others, and making choices that are the most benevolent. Seems you have no real choice, as such an advanced being, other than to forgive Stella and put to rest the issue that stands between you. Peacemaking is the most powerful tool.

  10. Tober the Cat has left a new comment on your post "A story of Forgiveness--or not!":

    Holy cow, Ziva! That is a Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Thing that Stella did! I bet she got lots of slobbers on you. Ick. Dogbreath slobbers.

    She normally seems pretty nice, though. Did she have her mouth wide open, panting, and maybe trip and fall (mouth-first) onto your head? Did she try to head-butt you and forget her mouth was open? (Dogs can be forgetful, you know.)

    I don't know about forgiving THAT sort of thing. I bet it was dark in there! You're awfully nice to even share a house and a human with her, I say.

  11. Well am I a dog and I love putting things in my mouth so I'm totally behind Stella on this one. I love putting Gail's fingers and toes inside my mouth, and were my jaws bigger or her head smaller, I would no doubt feel the urge to enclose her whole head too. Come to think of it, I have made a good start with her ears on occasions.
    Zkhat, I believe that you suppose yourself to be intelligent. It's clear that Stella was being friendly, affectionate even, and had no malicious intent.
    Just get over it.
    Toodle pip!

  12. Scary story, Zkhat. I'm sure that you've forgiven sweet sweet Stella by now? Please try - she's a nice girl.

    We were out of town, and I heard a story of flooding in MN on the radio. No details so I was worried about you. Glad that you're okay. Now, we just need your rain here. There are 10 fires burning in our general area... scary.

  13. I would forgive her if I thought her intentions were not to hurt you, and I don't think they were. It reminds me of a photo I found on Flickr once, of a cat and dog lying on the floor. The cat's head is inside the dog's mouth, just like you say.

  14. Whell...
    Some times...
    I find my own self finking...
    I whonder if THAT whill fit in my mouf.

    I fink THAT is what Miss Stella was finking.

    I am sure she iss satisfied wif her answer and whill nebber ebber run the eckspeariment a gain.

    I am all sure she iss berry berry sorry.

    wif lubbs from Little Reufus

  15. Our Portie ancestors used to work on boats and we used our mouths to carry and pull. So we all use our mouths to check out anything new and interesting. We might even put our mouths around a cute little furry head just to check it, but we wouldn't mean any harm. Well, maybe Bailey would, but not the rest of us. It's just what we do, it's in our nature.
    Morgan and the Porties