An Award from Marley!

We know that lots of you know that fine blogger Marley, originally from China and now living in India, and he gave us an award!  I love to read his blog because he and Lady are always up to some good activity.  I hope you go visit them if you haven't already.

Now with telling you about this award, they always want you to answer a few questions, don't they? Like, f'r instance . .

1. Favorite number?   3 is mine, 87 is Stella's and 1 is Zkhats

2. Favorite non-alcoholic drink?  Stella and I like water, Zkhat milk

3. Facebook or Twitter?   NEITHER ONE!

4. Passion?  Mine is quilting, Stella is collecting stuffees, and Zkhat's is keeping busy.

5.Favorite pattern?  Mine is the log cabin, Stella likes the design on her bed and Zkhat says WHAT?

6.Favorite day of the week?  Before I retired it was always Saturday and Sunday but now its everyday, Stella likes walking days, and Zkhat says she likes the days  there are deli ham slices in the fridge.

7. Favorite flower?  I like the Rambling Roses that grow outside my kitchen door, Stella wants to know if thats what they make pizza out of and Zkhat left about 2 minutes ago.

So you can see we are an exciting little family here, and we are supposed to give this award to 10 people but since lots of people we know already have it, we are going to just  offer it to anyone who wants it.  Take the picture and answer the questions and tell 'em Jo and Stella sent you.

Cheers and hugs all around,

Jo, Stella and Zkhat who wants to change all  her answers but I'm sayin' no!



  1. We love your answers, especially those to question 7. Now we are going to pay a call to Marley.
    Toodle pip!
    Bertie (and Gail).

  2. Congratulations and nice answers. Have a happy Friday!
    Best wishes Molly

  3. A BIG congratulations on a well deserved award!


  4. hey STELLA you and I must be like TWINS or somethingy beclaws we BOTH love the number 87. It is the bestest number in the world isn't it? AND another Twinner thingy.. we don't do the in you facebook thingy or the twitterpatted thingy either. Super answers to the questions!!

  5. 87 is the greatest number! You are an exciting little family, especially with Zkhat keeping you on your toes.

  6. that was cute. congrats! :)

  7. Come on, let Zkhat change her answers. Stella, tell your Mom to give you some cranberry juice, you'll love it.
    Morgan and the Porties

  8. Congrats on your award! Loved learning more about you. My assistant loves Rambling Roses, too!

    Your pal, Pip

    P.S.: Did someone say something about pizza?

  9. Hi Jo,Stella and Zkhat
    Fiwst, thank yoo fow yoow POTP that you sent me, and second ,CONGWATULASHUNS fow yoow awawd. It's aways so much fun to weed answews fwiends give to these questions. Who knew you could make pizza out of bootiful wambling woses, hehehe. I'd twy it if Stella will
    Hope all of yoo have a gweat weekend
    Smoochie kisses

  10. Congratulations on your Award!
    Marley and Lady are pawesome, right?
    I loved your answers!
    Everyday is my favorite day too!
    Kisses and hugs

  11. You are a character! I loved your answers to the questions!

  12. CONGRATS on your award!! I always enjoy them because we get to learn more about you, and we even get to find out about some of your friends that I should meet! :-)

    I hope you're doing well, and having a good weekend!!

  13. Congratchewlayshuns on yeur a ward!!! I haff nebber ebber receibed one, and it sounds berry berry ecksiting!!!

    This was a lot ob fun, and I did berry much enjoy yeur answers on a counta I haff all ways wondered where pizza came from, teu...!

    wif lubbs from Little Reufus