Mr. Chewy came knockin' at my door!

Hi all you pups and kitties!

First I got a very nice e-mail from Mr. Chewy asking me if I would be interested in providing a honest evaluation of his service for a $50 gift certificate.  I liked the  honest part because I wouldn't care to say what I didn't believe! 

So I got ready to order the dog/cat food.  There is so much to choose from, 70 different kinds and more being added!  So what did I do, I ordered Stella's brand, Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover, 35 pounds of it!  She loves it, it agrees with her and she does fine on it, why change??    It only seemed right to order something for Zkhat,who is always interested in food.  So we ordered a Blue Buffalo food for the indoor cat.  We sent our order out on January 24th, on the 25th we got a confirmation that it was shipped!  Whooo, just like that!  Stella knew it was coming so she has been watching for it.

It all arrived on Saturday, the 28th of January.  That is four days from e-mail order, to boxes at my door.

Quite amazing in the world of on-line shipping, to my notion anyway.  Shipping is free, too, with a $49 dollar order!  Further, they have a charity program, where you can take part.  Read about it at http://www.mrchewy.com/

I want to tell you, the food I ordered for Zkhat, Blue Buffalo Indoor Health was more expensive than what I usually buy for her, 3 pounds for $11 but the thing is, when I put some down for her on the floor, just to try it, she was like a kitty vacuum cleaner and snarfed it all up within seconds!  We may have to upgrade for Zkhat!

For those of you, like me, who live in a small town, this is a wonderful service, or for you who get tired of toting those heavy bags around.  Go to the website and look it all over, I think you will be most pleased with what you see and what you get!

Thanks, Mr. Chewy!

Jo, Stella, and Zkhat


  1. Our Mom orders from Mr Chewy, too. We like getting our food delivered. It's exciting when those boxes show up at the door.
    Bon appetite!
    Morgan, Tsar and the Porties

  2. I love Mr. Chewy TOO!! I have to drive 50 mins. to get to where we USED to buy our foods. THIS is soooooo much easier... My mom just did it from right here on my hill... and in NO TIME.. POOF. Here it was. AND NO TAX either.

  3. That Mr. Chewy is really making the rounds around Blogville. We checked it out but unfortunately the food we use is more expensive than at PetsMart where we usually get it from. We may try ordering anyway just for the convenience.

  4. yep we reviewed Mr.Chewy too and we think they are just "too cool for school!" We love them!

  5. That is VERY fast service! And we love that they have a charity program. Mr. Chewy has made friends all over Blogville...seems worth the WDA look. thanks for sharing your experience.

  6. We too were very happy with our Mr. Chewy order. Mom says you should get that for Ali Z. and maybe mix it with her other food to make it last longer.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  7. Mr. Chewy is great! We ordered from them last week and had a great experience.

    Your pal, Pip

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  9. Wow! How lucky you were chosen!
    We've seen the evaluations all around the cat blogosphere and it seems like a great place to shop with lots of variety!

  10. Glad that it worked out so well for you!

  11. Thanks for the get well wishes. Puff and Nuka are doing better now that both are on meds. Momma is still a mess...she almost got mad, can you believe it, when we had an extra energetic MAIL CALL to introduce ourselves to the new mail carrier. And she has slept like umpteen hours...at least she crawled out of her afghan to give us our jerky!

  12. Hi ya! Some big boxes full of yummies!!
    We order from Flint River Farms for my crunchies... Good stuff, great folks :)

    Happy Wednesday pals :)
    Sierra Rose

  13. Stella, you would be surprised but singing to Quinn DOES help to calm him down (even momma's wobbly voice). She often sings the chorus to The Mighty Quinn as she strokes his side and he leans against her. You have great instincts.

  14. Good pet food can be hard to find in some areas. We used to mail order ours all the way from Baldwinsville, NY!