We who started computering long ago have found this one greatest joy in it, and that has been making friends.  About 16 years ago, we started (with several others) a Quilting List, one of the founders was from Australia and we had a ripping good time exchanging long e-mails.  We became very close and as life got busy our writing slowed down but we still write now and then, and enjoy each other just as much.  Today I got this picture from M. and it is so lovely I wanted to share it with you.

Australian Wreath ...  There is nothing more beautiful than nature at its best!!

This delightful circle was taken at Lamington National Park west , Queensland, Australia. They are native parrots.
The red and blue are Crimson Rosellas.
The red and green are King Parrots. 
They are feasting on sunflower seeds.

What a wonderful wreath!  

Thanks, M. for the day brightener!


Jo, Stella and Zkhat 


  1. That really is beautiful. Dark late January, with a tax form to complete, I was feeling in need of a 'day brightener'.
    Perhaps the image will provide inspiration for a new quilt somewhere along the line too?
    PS Bertie thanks Stella for the dating advice!

  2. Wow, isn't that just amazing? The colors are so vibrant. Mom says that wreath would look great on our door this spring:)

    Mom says once the little bipeds all go to school fulltime, learning to quilt is one of the top items on her bucket list.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  3. How BEAUTIFUL. THANK you fur sharing it with us. I have Long admired the birds of OZ.

  4. Wow. We have sunflower seeds in one of feeders, but no parrots... just piggy finches. WOW. Let's go!

  5. We have just gone through the loyal dogs photos and stories heart breaking but wonderful.
    The birds look fantastic its beautiful.

  6. That is so beautiful!!

    Blogging has brought many good things my way, but some special friendships are the best.

  7. What a beautiful pick-me-up...both the photo and the story of your friendship!

  8. My mom says that blogging has brought her the best of friends and her kitties the same. Sweet fur baby furiends.

  9. We stopped by to say Hi, having just spotted you on little Bertie's blog. You must have changed blogs at some point!
    These are the most beautiful parrots, what wonderful colours.
    It is lovely to see you, we agree that the most special outcome of blogging is the friends made.
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  10. They really is beautiful birds! We watched a programme on tv the other day about Australian birds and it be amazing seeing parrots and budgies and things in the wild!
    ~lickies, Ludo

  11. Very colorful (and probably quite noisy) wreath!

  12. This is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for sharing this!

  13. Beautiful parrots, so colorful!

  14. That is adorable!!! Thanks for sharing the pic. :-)