Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello Evfurry Buddy!  We are here to wish you a happy holiday, no matter how you spend it.

My cup runneth over with thankfulness this year and the petz and I will be staying home to do some Christmas sewing and a volunteer assignment.  Its going to be wonderful to have four days to just do what I want to do.

I am thankful for the wonderful friends we have made while we have been blogging and wish you all a happy and special Holiday.

Zkhat and Stella wish you the very same!

 Cheers and hugs,
Jo, Stella and Zkhat


  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Auntie, god-mom and Zkhat!!

    Love and kisses,


  2. Happy Thanksgiving Jo, Zkhat and Stella! Four days to curl up together and do nice projects, that sounds wonderful.
    I have to go to work now. And i see there is ice on my car..... nooo.....whine!
    Liebe Grüße,

  3. Happy Thanksgiving!!. Nice that you have taken leave for four days. You can do your work without in a hurry.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving Jo, Stella and ZKhat. How we wish we had a Thanksgiving holiday in Scotland.
    Toodle pip!
    Bertie (and Gail).

  5. Happy Thanksgiving to you and all your family. We hope you have a swell Turkey Day.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. Hope you had a very happy Thanksgiving guys
    Luvs freya rose blossom X

  7. love to you 3 most wonderful girls. :) the 4 pups, 2 horses and i will be home today, too. just saying thanks for all we have.

  8. Happy Thanksgiving

    Stop on by for a visit

  9. The sun is shining and the air is warmer today. We're all playing outside until dinner. Then we'll all have some turkey and potatoes and homemade cookies for dessert. Wish you were all here with us.
    Morgan, Sebastian, the Porties, Syd and Mac

  10. hello evrywun its dennis the vizsla dog hay happy belayted thanksgiving to yoo as wel!!! i hope evrywun got lots of treets on the holiday!!! ok bye

  11. The Thanksgiving weekend is coming to a close, and I hope your Thanksgiving and your weekend has been an enjoyable one--Cold here, but we are grateful for the below freezing temps that's gotten rid of a few of the summer 'critters!' :-)

  12. and to you and the gang as well on this thankful day....:)

  13. I've been "off the grid" for a week so I missed saying Happy Thanksgiving on the actual date. But, I am so thankful for friends like you and for the beautiful quilt on this cold night here in Colorado.

  14. Know that we, too, are grateful that our paths have crossed and we are able to share the joys and tribulations of our journey with such wonderful friends. We know it is getting impossibly cold where you are and we send our warmest, double-coated wishes that you stay warm while you sew and read and dream.

  15. I've noticed that you're stopping by my blog, and I appreciate it. Newcomers/followers are welcome! Thought I'd check out yours. Am signing on to follow. Have a wonderful weekend.