DSince September 11th, this is what my street has looked like.  Oh, varying degrees of this but generally all torn up.

I often complain that Stella and I do very little
outside of our home, which is why I don't blog too often.  But I thought some of you might just be interested in this.  This dig runs from our block, north one more block, and then up the hill south for I think two more blocks.  They run huge diggers. smaller machines that roll out the dirt, big pickup trucks that transport dirt in various forms. 

The Post Office cannot deliver mail, so we have to walk about 8 blocks (round trip) to a church where they have set up rural type boxes for us.  Oh how I miss my daily 9:30 mail in my box at my house!

Nobody wants to tell you how long this is going to go on and I am very much better at dealing with this stuff if I know.

Here are a few more pix:

Evening before yesterday, they brought in lots of soft nice sand, and took away our berms, then that night it rained all night and my, I almost wish I had my canoe back!  At least they fixed it so it isn't going into our basements!

This is right across from my driveway, with the First Lutheran Church    lot visible.

This is Stella who wants to know what I am gonna do about this.  Wait it out, Stel, thats all we can do.  By the way, Stella is celebrating her 8th birthday and Gotcha Day. 


  1. wow, that's a lot of tear-up and a lot of rain, too. sorry girls!!!

  2. That looks just like Detroit Lakes near the Wells Fargo building.?

  3. I checked the picture again, and it sure looks right. I had no idea Stella was so close. Emma could have actually come to one of the thunderstorm closet meetings. :)

  4. Oh man... you have, on a smaller scale, what we have here in Colorado (with the floods). Today, with no forewarning, they opened a very important road here. A nearby town had an impromptu parade down to the flats.

    Maybe you can have a parade when they finally finish your road. Hopefully, it won't require a canoe!

  5. UGH!! What are they doing? I hope it will make things better for you and your neighbors when they finally finish!