Same old song and dance!

My Mom is furry upset with me these days.  It is that I am supposed to be on a diet because I am way too heavy.

She gives me a half a cup of kibble for breakfast, with a tablespoon (which  is hardly anything) of finely grated cheese in it.  Not enough to fill me up!

Then when supper comes, I get 3/4 of a cup of kibble with a little chicken in it (hardly any).  I get two low calorie treats a day.

So my Mom had to move Zkhats food to near the livingroom entry and there is a gate that she puts up so I can't get any of it.  She tells me OVER and OVER  not to eat the cat's food.  I would like to and I get so tired of hearing that!  Wouldn't you?  With the gate up I can't get near it anyway, but lately she has gotten lazy about the gate and I can get through it!  Wooo!  So three times in the last week I have eaten all the cats food. Yummy!  My Mom can tell when I eat it, because Zkhat is so dainty she only eats a spoonful at a time, and I eat the whole works.  Mom says STELLA!  No cat food, none! and of course Zkhat who hardly wants any anyway sits and cries piteously because her dish is empty.  And Mom of course, is making sure the gate is shut.

One of my Pawrents was a Labrador Retriever and the other was a Spaniel.  Maybe I am more like the Spaniel, short and wide.  I don't know but I do know I am tired of bein' on a diet.  Wouldn't you be?
Are you on a Diet?  I would like to hear about it if you are!




  1. my lab boy, baron, is a big (too big) boy. i've been trying to slim him down, as well as thelma and louise. i had gotten lazy with them and let them eat all too much! now i have to give them less to begin with.

  2. We need to loose a bit too as it has been hot and we haven't been doing much hunting. Don't mention the diet word to our peeps she may get ideas. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Oh Stella... our motto is 'life is short, play hard'. That motto doesn't apply to cats, because THEY have 9 lives.
    I can't believe cat food tastes that good. Does it?

    Sophie our gordon setter eats other dogs' poop. She REALLY gets in trouble for that... maybe MOM should count her blessings! :-)

  4. Mom tried for a few years to get Thunder's weight down - a lot of good that did:( Ciara is a little on the chunky side but she is also battling thyroid issues as was TD. Had Mom tried giving you green beans to fill you up?

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  5. Charlie was at the vet today and he's lost about 10 pounds since last year--He weighed nearly 70 pounds last year if that gives you any idea, and he still has a few more he needs to lose. But its been hard cutting down his food, but when he was having troubles jumping on the bed, we had no choice. Frozen green beans or unsalted ones worked for him and have for the Goldens when they need to trim down too...

    I hope you're all well, and I hope you're enjoying your weekend!! Take care, friends!!

  6. BOL! Which we had a cat so I could steal it's foodables!! Well last vet visit we were informed that I "could lose a kilo" (2.2pounds) as I had put on 600g in the last 12 months. So mum and dad dad are tryin' to diet me..... but I don't think it's working. My begging face is awesome!

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie xxx

  7. O Stella, maybe yeu are eating for teu... a lab AND a spaniel! I amb on a diet, as always. My the Mom found me some kibble what iss 38% protein and 16% fat. I deu often get some ob that displaced wif cantaloupe or watermelon or green beans or carrots. I deu a lot ob training, and I use Zukes Berry or Greens cut inteu thirds or my faborite... My Little Wolf treats. They are tasty, grain free and less than teu calories each.

    All that said... I wood moob a mountain teu eat Zkhat's food! I fink yeu need teu leave a little behind teu cover yeur tracks.

    Lubbs and misses yeu, Miss Stella...

    Little Reufus

  8. Howdy Stella Up Over, diet, schmiet, it's a pain in the butt. Mum tells me, (Stella), i'm starting to look a little chunky. I say, chunky is a good thing. My angel sissy Kara, also a cocker spaniel, was wide like a coffee table so I am trying to be just like her. We LOVE cat food too and steal, er, borrow some, every time we can. Tell ya mum you have large bones or it's all hair. Hey, better yet, tell her you are on a seefood diet. Every time you see food, you eat it ahahahahaha. Take care mate. No worries, and love, Stella (who is chunky but in no way fat) and Rory (who can eat enormous amounts and stays slim, sigh).

  9. Oh Stella, that must be horrid to be on a diet. I am so bouncy and wired that I do not need to restrict my food intake. Also, I have neither labrador nor spaniel genes and sometimes I just leave my food for later, rather than wolf it all down at once.
    Well I guess it's interesting that we are all different.
    Toodle pip!

  10. You know the story about Marie Antoinette... no bread give 'em cake. Stella you gotta eat carrots babes.
    Besides, your poor cat must be getting so thin if you keep pinchin the cat food. Luvs Freya Rose Blossom x

  11. NO CHEESE... as much as we all luvs cheese, cheese is for mice :-) Luvs Freya Rose Blossom X

  12. Our Gus came to us very thin and now he is on a diet because he has eaten too well this last year. Gus also eats green beans, frozen or fresh to fill out his meals. I think they have like 40 calorie for a cup. He eats cucumbers, apples, melons, and berries for snacks. We are fortunate, because he loves everything! Kibble is high in calories. OUr vet recommended OM canned food. We bought it through her. But I make Gus' food with chicken breast, lots of veggies and brown rice and 1/4 cup of dry food. Gus is a 75 lb golden. Our previous golden lost really well eating the OM. But Gus is losing with this new regime too. Hope this helps sweet Jo.

  13. What is there about cat food that drives dogs crazy?
    Baron would lick for a half house Simbas empty can of cat food....:)

  14. I like to eat all I can, too. If I had a cat I'd gladly eat its food. But it's nice to keep one's girlish figure, Stella, so there will be some rewards from this time of hunger. Hang in there! Your mama is trying to keep you healthy.