Good Saturday friends!

My late mother  used to have a saying for everything that ever happened and despite that I never liked them much, they come visit me at appropriate times!  For instance, yesterday I heard from my library that I had a requested book in.  My friend Brenda of AZ is a great reader and I take her recommendations to heart.  This time she told me Wild was a good book .

Now I could have gone and got it yesterday but I thought I would rather go this morning.  But wait!  This morning has a quarter of an inch of ice on the ground, rain and snow coming down (this is spring in Minniesnowda).  So rather than  jeopardize life and limb, I will just stay home today and get it another time.  The saying?  "Never put off  until tomorrow what you can do today". 

So I have been sharing these sayings with Stella today and she sort of likes them.  She just likes being talked to mostly!  "Pretty is as pretty does"  " A stitch in time saves nine"  She will listen to anything as long as she doesn't have to be outside!

Zkhat never goes outdoors and she is a most happy cat! 
We are going to be having a whole week of this kind of weather (and lets hope the weather guys are wrong!) so I suppose we all better "Bloom where we are planted".

We are hoping  its more like Spring where you are and wish you a most happy weekend.

Jo, Stella and Zkhat


  1. oh, bless you! that sweet stella in the snow... :)

  2. The sayings that I most associate with my mother are "honesty is the best policy", and at mealtimes, "manners maketh the man". On Sundays when it was roast dinner, my Dad would say "all joints on the table will be carved", which I always knew meant "don't put your elbows on the table", but I didn't get the joke for many years!
    Cheers, Gail.

  3. Mom's family had all those kinds of sayings too. SHE loves them.
    SO sorry that you are STILL getting the ICE and SNOW stuffs. HOPE it skips US.
    Tell your mom that WE said this about the book..
    The Early Bird catches the BOOK worm!!

  4. My Grandmother had lots of those sayings and I grew up with them. I try to avoid them as much as possible.

    We're having rain all week. I'll trade you.

  5. Hap-Pee Weekend, everyone!

  6. I love those sayings, and like you I find wisdom in them. But I have a feeling they will be lost because not many people use them like they used too.

    Spring has arrived here in Virginia, and I hope it stays and finds you too!!

    Also, THANK YOU for your kind words you've left on my blog for Cissy, and for your friendship!

  7. Hope you can get out for that book next week - we know how much you enjoy a good read.

    Mom loves the old sayings too. When she uses them with the little bipeds, she always has lots of questions about "what does that mean, Grandma?"

    Hope the weather forecast is wrong.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  8. Ah, the 'old sayings'....My Gma LOVED 'bloody'. I know, not really a 'sayin', butts everything is 'bloody-this' and 'bloody-that', and when Ma was young, her smart arse brother asked Gma in the middle of a tirad..."why is everything always so bloody??"
    "you think we lived in a horror movie!". Oooooh, Gma didn't like that (cause Ma and her brother started LAUGHIN' uncontrollably, and they were suppose to be gettin' in troubles!)
    Later in life, Gma told Ma that it was just her Irish comin' out, and she should get ready for it too! (so far, it is 'blood free' in our house, butts you never know!)

  9. I hope your forecast is wrong and the sun shines soon? I hope you like Wild, too...

  10. My mother always had a saying for every occasion, too.
    Wild sounds interesting. I'll look for it at the local library.
    Hope the weatherman is wrong and you get a weather break.

  11. I am sorry about the snow! We are quite tired of it at this point, but it seems that Spring has arrived here in our neck of the woods. Here's hoping it finds you soon, too!

  12. Sorry about the ice and snow. It is hard to take at this time of year. Smart choice not to try to walk on that ice! I bet that you'll love the book when you get it.