Hello Everybuddy!

I have been working and thinking all day long about things that we might be able to do, to get together, start a group, do something to work with this awful shooting in Connecticut. 

Then I remembered years ago, when President Reagan and his Press Secretary, the wonderful Jim Brady were both shot on the streets of Washington DC.  Brady was much more seriously injured than Reagan was, and his wife Sarah started a group of people against violent behavior. 

Today I checked that group on Wikipedia and found that it is still big and busy.   http://wearebetterthanthis.org/index.cfm  I joined it today and want to follow along with what they are doing.  It cost nothing to join, but they do like to have donations.  The group is called The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and I have heard many mentions of them on the television today. You will find lots of information about violence in our country and it will arm you with all you need to know to share info with others.

Here is  part of what is said on their home page.

"We are the largest organization working to pass common sense gun laws in America to save lives, including laws that:
  • Ensure that strong Brady criminal background checks are performed on all gun sales, including at gun shows.
  • Better regulate military style weapons, such as assault clips, high powered rifles, AK47s and UZIs.
  • Support law enforcement in the effort to enforce gun laws, in ways that prevent and investigate gun crime."

Please join me, won't you?  Thanks very much,



  1. I am a true advocate of gun control, which, living in Texas, is paramount to being a heretic! I don't usually discuss my political views on blogs but this one needs attention - now!

  2. We cannot on your gun laws as we are from across the pond and things are very different here. However we pray for all those touched by the tragedy. We are thinking of you all during this awful time.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. I'm in! This has just devastated me and I'm not even close to living in Newtown, CT. The feelings I've had for those families and the whole town have just overwhelmed me. I watch the news and cry again and again. I can't imagine what they are going through. And how to live on after this. I believe that we are all helped in ways we do not know. But my heart just aches for them.

  4. Rob has been busy writing to legislators and demanding they take action. I would like to do something for the children in the school who survived but will be forever scarred. Maybe a teddy bear for each. I wonder if I can get other crafters to join me in making lots of teddies.

  5. We love that you have taken a step toward helping change a society in which (generally)young men who are already so broken and full of violent anger have access to the means and the audacity to agressively destroy lives. We will check out this group!

  6. Can you believe, that in the weekend after the shootings, the applications for gun permits in my state reached record levels? Many people were running out trying to arm themselves, partly out of fear of new regulations. I was dumbstruck by the news.

    I like your approach. I'll join you.