October has two important things!

Hi Evfurry Buddy!  What do you think are the most important things about the month of October?

ITS MY BIRTHDAY!  On Thursday, October 4th, I will be six years old and it will be four years that I have lived with my good Mom and dopey cat!  I will probably get a present from my Mom (she knows I love squeaky toys) and we will celebrate with little cupcakes that have frosteen on them.  Yum!  I just can hardly wait.

OK, then the second big deal is that it is National Adopt a Dog Month.  I don't know if my Mom knew that October was for adopting a dog, but that is right when she did it and took me home with her. I had been waiting for her to come for 3 months long!

This is what I looked like when she took me home:

You can see I am much prettier and happier looking now than I was then.  There is an article on the 'net about adopting dogs and one of the most important things is to be patient with them.  I had very bad and naughty ways when I came here, but my Mom stuck with me and helped me be a good dog.  Now I am a good leash walker, and I can do very basic commands, and I shake a paw when anybody wants to!  I love doing that!  I am still scared of thunder and booming noises though, but my Mom tries to help  me with that too.  She wishes I didn't shed so much as I do, but she keeps the vac busy cleaning it up and she doesn't hurt my feelings about it.

So if you are in the market for a dog like me, go visit your local shelter and talk to all the dogs and see which one suits you.  I bet you won't be sorry!

My Mom says we are a family of rescues.  My Mom was adopted when she was a little toddler, I was adopted at 2 years old and Ziva Zophia (Zkhat) our kitty came when she was about six years old.  So adopt, adopt, babies, dogs, horses, donkeys, cats and whatever else you like that needs a home.  Its a good thing!

The rest of you out there,  if you are adopted, tell us your story!


Stella, almost six years old!

We forgot to write down the place where you can learn about adopting dogs.  This is on Karen Pryor's blog which has lots of info for you!


  1. I know it's one day early but Happy Birthday Stella! (Better than being late, which Gail usually is with birthdays, if she remembers them at all).
    Well I will concede that you are just the best advert for Adopt a Dog Month. Even if you do sometimes like lecturing younger terriers across the Pond....
    Toodle pip!

  2. Jo wishing you a lovely lovely birthday Jo and we hope it is filled with fun, sun and lots of treats. You deserve it. Not only I am a rescued dog but so is my bestest friend Pippinpumpkin. Peeps believes in giving a second chance to unwanted pets and boy are we wanted. Love and hugs on you birthday. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Happy Birthday!!! I am a rescue dog, too, as are my 2 kitty and 1 bunny sister! We agree rescues are the absolute best! Sometimes my assistant wonders who rescued who ...

    Your pal, Pip

  4. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY 6th. BIRFDAY... TOMORROW!! I hope you have a WONDERFUL Celebration fur your Special Day!!!

  5. all 4 of my current pups were adopted - 2 from the back road where someone dumped them to starve; 2 from the country shelter. and i love each one to pieces!

    happy birthday tomorrow!!!

  6. Love this post. Hank was a rescue. He's been a great cat and a darned good friend. It's so great when they can be saved from a society that abused them which is the case a lot of the time. I keep telling Hank how lucky he is to live in this house safe and sound. He just looks at me blankly. :)

  7. There is always a special home for those that wait and looks like the wait was worth it. Special homes need extra special dogs... I have a dopey cat too aren't we lucky :-)
    Luvs Freya Rose Blossom X

  8. Happiest of Birthdays, Stella! You're in good company -- Kuster will be one year old on October 8. He thinks it's the most important day in history! BOL!

    Blueberry, Morgan and I were all adopted, and in Dad's family, there are more adopted human puppies than biological puppies. Grandma and Grandpa were foster parents for a long time and some of the human pups just never left!


  9. Happy Birthday sweet woofie.. HUgs GJ xx

  10. Stella! I'm adopted, too. Happy Birfday to you. My Gotcha Day is in March, butt I don't know when my birfday is... enjoy your cupcakes with frost teen!!


  11. Well, is it OK if we still wish you a Happy Birthday today, Stella? We think so - Happy Birthday, pretty girl!!

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  12. Happy Birthday in advance, sweet Stella. Thank you for the advice about patience. Shyla is my first "rescue"... and it does take patience! I'm glad to hear that things have worked out so well for you - you're an inspiration You, your mom, and Zkhat are all very lucky to have found each other!

  13. In just a few hours it will be your birthday, so we all wish you the very best, happiest day with lots of treats and maybe even a special new toy.
    Morgan, Sebastian and the Porties

  14. Happy Birthday, Stella! Maybe your mom will give you an extra cupcake today just because!

  15. Stella, we are SO very sorry to be late with these wishes...but they do come from our hearts! We wish you a new year filled with health, well-being, pampering, opportunity for adventure, comfort-- as well as time to watch the world go by, time to chase squirrels, time to nap in the warm sunlight, and always...time for love! Know how much we cherish your friendship!

  16. Happy belated birthday!! ;)
    I love your blog! It's always nice to see other people's posts about dogs and I know I'm not the only crazy about my dog :) I'll enjoy reading your blog!

    Please also check mine if you can:


    I also blog about my little crazy boy! :D

  17. Howdy Stella Up Over, Happy Birthday sweetie pie. We send you six hugs and six slobbers. We hope you had a lovely day and got spoilt rotten! No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  18. A late BDAY wish from all your friends out here! Great post!!! We are all adopted/rescue dogs - and we know we rescued our people from sadness and loneliness. Isn't that grand for all of us??? For you, too, Stella Sunshine!

  19. Happy (Belated) Birthday to sweet Stella!
    Your furriends,
    Maggy and Zoey
    (and Ann)

  20. Happy Belated Birthday to one of my most favoritest woofies in the world (even if you did put your mouth on my Ziva's head that one time)! This is my Finding Month, too, so you can party all month long if you want to.

    And my AAB found a new kitten--but lucky for me it lives at her house, not at the library, so I still have the place to myself. She didn't know it was Adopt-A-Dog month, she's hoping that doesn't mean she has to stick the kitten back out in the cold. Are substitutions okay?

    Headbutts to beautiful Ziva, too!

  21. That IS one of momma's paintings on today's post. And you would be inspired by the sights of Balloon Fiesta! We just head up into the hills to watch...far enough away that we don't hear the propane whine OR experience the traffic. AND momma always makes hot chai and fresh from the oven muffins to take along to eat as we watch!

  22. oops, forgot...Maya grew pumpkins all across their kingdoms along with chilies and their principal protein source (domesticated) was turkey. Their pumpkins were not the huge engineered things we get today by small softball sized fruits which they stewed with chile and tough turkey meat for hours to make a thick rich stew (albeit spicy) sometimes the bowls were decorated with floating (and edible) lorroca flowers (not sure of the spelling) and the stew was eaten with corn cakes. I worked on a marvelous computer 3d recreation of a section of the Copan site a few years back that was a delight!

  23. Happy birthday! Thanks for visiting Diamond and leaving a message. I really miss him.
    best wishes,

  24. hello stella its dennis the vizsla dog hay happy belayted birthday!!! it is gud to be in a famly of reskyewz they all appreesheeyayt eetch other!!! i am shoor evrywun nos my reskyew storry and of korse my sister trixie and my layt sister trouble the kitty also kaym frum the pownd and we no trixie ternd owt to be a verry gud dog and trouble well trouble never akchooally followd thru on enny of her plans to destroy us dogs or tayk over the wurld so she cud not hav ben all bad!!! ok bye

  25. O Miss Stella, I did miss Yeur Birfday! Shame Shame Shame on me!!! I amb here now and I amb lighting candles and I amb bretending Yeu are here teu blow them out. I deu habbs teu say... Yeu were a gorgeous girl four years ago, and you are HUBBA HUBBA teuday!!! Adobtion reules!!!

    wif lubbs from Little Reufus

  26. Happy Super-Late Birthday, Stella!

    My people have been terrible Blog Helpers lately. They claim they've been busy, but whatever.

    Headbutts to you--but only if you promise not to put my head in your mouth. :)

    Purrs to my special ZKhat, too.