A Conversation between On-line Pals!

This is a conversation between Shado Curran of AZ and Stella McKnight of MN.



Shado:  Its me, your bud Shado in AZ. So how are you doing?  What has been happening with you this summer?  We had a lot of record hot days and sometimes you almost felt sick over them.  But last week it rained and we think maybe its cooling off.

Stella: Same here, Shado.  It was just a cooker, hotter than I can remember, but its cooling off little by little.  Maybe we would get snow in October this year, that would be so nice, because I love the snow, do you? 

Shado:  Do you know that I had to go to the vet and I had an accident there? I would love it to never have to go to the vet, don't like it a bit.  This time they did not stick the thermometer up my butt which was lucky for them!  The Doc checked my teeth, my ears and eyes and when he checked my legs for mobility, I showed him how mobil I was by tearing off across the floor like a missile.  My peeps were sitting on the floor and when I made that move, I tore a dewclaw and boy, did it hurt.  My peeps worked to calm me and then the vet wrapped my paw in gauze and a secure wrap.  I got my shots and then got outta there!  A few days later they took off my classy red wrap and it was all healed nicely.  Next time I go I have to take a tiny calming aid pill before we leave.

Stella:  Ouch!  That sounds terrible.  I guess you just hate to have the vet even touch you, right?  My vet leaves lots of the work to some techs who work with him, Peggy took some of my blood but I didn't like it so I pulled my foot back.  She guessed she had enough for her test, and she listened to my heart and did the eye, ear thing.  So I am OK, my vet is  a country guy who takes care of a lot of cows, horses and piggies, so he is busy all the time.  He has to go to them, because my mom says who would bring a cow to the vet, a dog is bad enough!  (She thinks she is funny!)

Shado:  We hope we are going to go hiking up in the mountains this fall when it cools off.  Do you have mountains where you live?

Stella:  No, just hills and 10,000 lakes here and there throughout the state.  Here is a picture of me and our friend Glen at Lake 1938 this summer. Its mostly nice at the lake but then some wise guy decides to shoot off some fireworks and I get so scared!

Time to go I guess.  You are probably playing ball with Mr. E right now and having a good time.  Write again soon, Shado, and we can find more to talk about! (Like your sweet sister Sophie Devereaux!)



  1. awww. they'd be great buddies in person, too.

  2. Oh, they are sooo cute! I think they need to start to tweet!



  3. Hi Stella,
    What a nice chat you had with your pal Shado. Oh but our Mom's do like to make these 'jokes' don't they. Best to humour them, I think. By the way Stella, a small (Gail says pedantic) point. You say you have 10,000 lakes in our state, and then you show a picture of yourself and Glen at 'the' lake. I think you need to be more specific.
    Toodle pip!

    1. Its a numbered lake, Bertie, sorry I wasn't nearly precise enough for you!


  4. Have a lovely vet free Saturday. Enjoy the cooler weather.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Stella, glad you liked my letter. I will write more next month, OK?? You are the best! - Shado

  6. Hi Stella,
    Are all your lakes numbered?

    We're having a nice rainy day today. It's a good one for snoozing except when Mom pushes us out the door to pee. Dad cooked us a tray of potato chunks this morning and we're waiting for them to cool off so we can taste them.

    Have a nice weekend and give us best to Z.
    Morgan, Sebastian and the Porties

  7. I'm glad you have good friends to chat with! It makes life a lot more fun. What did dogs do before the internet? *shudder*


  8. Bawhahahaha! Bunny's comment made me laugh. Online friends are the best. So glad you were able to chat with your friend.

    Your pal, Pip

  9. Sure you had a nice chatting time with your friend!
    Interesting experience with the Vet, right?
    Happy weekend!
    Kisses and hugs

  10. The vet is a scary word! Came here from Pip's blog :)
    Chatting with furiends sure is fun though...

  11. hello jo and stella its dennis the vizsla dog hay it wuz verry hot heer too yesterday it wuz over a hunnerd degreez witch is just unherd of heer on the koast!!! a dip in the layk wood probly hit the spot wel for trixie ennyway tucker and i ar not so big on the hole going in the water thing!!! ok bye

  12. What fun! It's funny - our pups love the vet. They think it's a big party being thrown just for them. (at least R does - and Shyla is learning). Our vet gets down on the floor and plays with them so they love her.

    I hope it's cooling off for both of you!

  13. Hi. I am not looking forward to winter it is already cold on a morning here. I like the snow for 2 nano secounds thats all.
    Your lake looks nice, I guess for you guys it has been too hot this summer. We have had rain hot a couple of days then rain and cold, not even a good few days in a row.
    Your furend does not like the vet I hate them I get all stressed too.
    Licks Bobby