Dogs at Work!

Jo here to talk about dogs at work . . .Do most all of you read the Candidae website on Responsible Ownership of Dogs?  In today's informative blog about dogs, they talked about Taking Dogs to Work.

I would have commented to this blog but what I want to tell you is fairly long.  Back about 30 years ago, I worked in a small office that handled volunteer activities.  I was alone there alot and since it was a rough part of town, I got to thinking I might like to bring my dog to work with me.  Also next door to my little office was a Food Pantry that operated with volunteers, open a few days a week.  When hungry people showed up and there was no one there, they rightfully got upset.

So I started bringing my yellow lab/golden retriever mix to work with me.  Her name was Cappie and she was smart and beautiful.  On this one day, I was working at my desk and Cappie was stretched out on the floor, snoozing.  The door from the hall opened and in walked one of the scariest looking men I have ever seen.  He had scars all over his face, arms and hands.  Looked like a prison escapee or something equally as bad.  I could barely say hello, when he knelt down to Cappie, and said "Well, hello Bowser, lets shake hands."  Cappie loved shaking hands, and she did so profusely with him, wagging her tail and looking happy to have the company.  The man then spoke to me, telling me he needed food and when would the ladies be in.  Just about that time, one of the ladies appeared, opened up shop and sent our visitor out with a bag of groceries. 

The worker from the Pantry came in and said "my, he was a rough looking fellow, wasn't he?  He was most polite though and was happy to get what we had to give."

So this was the day I learned from my dog, to always put a good face on, to be polite and not judge a book by its cover!

Jo, Stella and Zkhat


  1. Yes we dogs have many qualities that humans would do well to have! We don't care what humans look like and don't judge.
    We value kindness in humans, sometimes, as you say, you cannot tell by the outside what is on the inside.

  2. p.s. thought of you the other day - driving to another town, i almost had to stop and take a photo of a ronald mcdonald standing in a country yard. :)

  3. Reading along, I thought the story was going to go in the direction of, having the dog at work protected you from the scary man. But you are right, we cannot judge the heart of a man/woman/dog/cat or any living being solely by what's on the outside. Great post!

  4. What an awesome story, Jp! We are so glad you shared it. We do read that blog and love it. We always learn something new.

    Woos - The OP Pack

  5. Too right and a dog doesn't judge and will often make that difficult encounter easy. Nice post!
    Best wishes Molly

  6. Thanks for reminding us that humans are REALLY bad at judging...so we simply shouldn't. Always trust your dog. Lovely post.

  7. I love this post because it's a perfect example of something that happens all too often!!

  8. Super duper post!
    Humans tend to do that a lot, right?
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  9. That's a beautiful story. Dogs can see past the "cover" and are such good judges of character. I trust my dogs when they tell me that someone is okay...

    Thanks for sharing your story!

  10. Hi Stella Bella & Company,

    Thanks for telling me about your new blog. I am still reading blogs but these days I am mostly on Facebook and Twitter.


  11. That is so true of People, the most handsome clean looking could be evil. We have no way of knowing, maybe dogs sence something.
    Licks Bobby

  12. My dog Libby used to check out the men I dated. She was tough and if she didn't like them, they were gone. She liked Rob a lot so I trusted her instinct and she was right.

  13. Dogs have so much teach us and I think they can see a person's true heart. This is a really wonderful story. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Great story. And great moral to the story!