Mom Hits the Deck with Stella!

This is Stella with a serious story about me and my Mom.  Yesterday was pretty nice so my Mom said we could do walkies and go to the doggy store and get me some new bones and treatz.  So by the time we were ready to go, it started snowing and getting colder.  But we went anyway.  (I got a nice new cigar shape rawhide and some cheesy treats!)

We started home and it was getting chillier right along, we walked up our driveway, got to our door and BOOM! just like that Mom hits the ground, having slipped on ice.  She landed on her knees and also bonked her head on the storm door.  She had trouble getting up because it was ice all over and her feets slipped out every time she tried to get up.  I knew I could help her, so I gave her lots of face kisses so she knew I loved her.  She kept saying "Thats enough kisses, Stella, all for now please."  But I was nervous, so I kind of kept on.  She finally got the rubber door mat, down on the ice and
then could get up on her feet again.  I am pretty sure my kisses helped her do that.  Then we got in the house where it was warm and she said she was OK, except for a goose egg on top of her head.  She got out the ice pack from the freezer and put it on her head and that helped a lot.  Today its almost gone, she says.

She said she was going to stay inside until Spring came, but we went out today for a bit and then she took the bus shopping.  So if she can shop she is alright, wouldn't you say?

We want to wish everybody a great weekend, and if you are in a cold icy place, watch where you put your feets.

Love and hugs,

Stella, Jo and Zkhat


  1. Oh Stella, we're so glad you were there to help your Mom. When our Mom fell on the ice a couple years ago, we all climbed on top of her. It didn't help her get up, but it did make her laugh.
    Morgan, Tsar and the Porties

  2. Stella, Gail and are so pleased that your Mom suffered nothing worse than a goose eggs on her head. And also pleased that she is out and about again. I have noticed that some of these older humans are pretty tough. Last weekend when Gail and I took HGD out for a walk, and he tripped on a low step, fell flat on the ground and couldn't get up. I was not allowed to lick his face. Although he is only 140 lb, Gail needed help to raise him to his feet, but, when asked if he was hurt, he trotted out his stock phrase is these circumstances (it has happened before). "I'm OK, I know how to fall, I used to play rugby you know".
    We are wondering if Jo ever played rugby too?
    Toodle pip!

  3. Howdy Stella Up Over, we're glad your mum is ok except for the goose egg on her head. What a funny place to keep her eggs. We keep ours in the fridge hehe. Seriously we're glad she is ok. Mum says if you can shop you are definitely fine. Take care all. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  4. POh dear, Stella. Poor Mom. We all hope she is OK and didn't hurt herself any more than that goose egg. Please give her some more kisses from us even if she says enough. Mom sends her lots of hugs and good thoughts too. So glad there were no broken bones. Take care.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara,and Lightning and MOM too

  5. Stella I am so sorry that your mom slipped and fell beclaws of that nasty ICE. THAT is just one more reason that I (Frankie Furter) HATE winter.

    You did the right thingy.. Kissing her BooBoo away. Mom's need us fur stuffs like that. Good going girrrrrl.

  6. ouch - we are glad Stella was there to help and that your mom wasn't hurt really bad....

  7. Hey Stella, Jet here. Thank goodness you helped Mom and that she is mostly ok. I know for sure that your kisses helped.

  8. Oh that sounds like a nasty icy incident - I'm sure your kisses helped a lot Stella! Look after your mom!

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie

  9. Oh gosh, that sounds painful. I am glad your mom is OK. My mom is very clumsy and always slips on the ice - though she has never hit her head fortunately.

    Your pal, Pip

  10. Humphrey would have to agree with you Stella, it was the kisses that pulled her through this tragic event!

  11. I'm glad your Mom is feeling better and I'm glad you were there for her!! We sure don't fall down like we did when we were 8 years old, do we??

    Take care, and I hope your weekend is an enjoyable one!

  12. Oh no! Stella, we're so glad you were there to help your mom. And we're glad she is okay.

  13. Oh STELLA! That was so awful for your mommy! Poor mommy and I hpe that goose egg goes away today! Thank goodness you were there with kisses! Whew!!!

    If she took the bus shopping, then I would say she is OK, sweet girl.


  14. Stell, you were a good girl to help keep your mom conscious after she bumped her head. You just never know. There is absolutely NO WAY our mom could live where there's ice. She slipped near our stream in the middle of summer!!

    Feel better, Jo!

    -Bart, Ruby and Lisa

  15. oh dear me!!! i'm sure your kisses made things MUCH better for your mom!

  16. Oh Stella. Your story really scared me. Please take really good care of your mom. Kisses can heal almost anything.

    Does your mom know about "Yaktraks"?

    Stay safe, my friends!

  17. Yikes! Jo, Stella, be safe!
    Kisses always help, even if in overwhelming volumes.
    Be safe, be cautious!

  18. Oh my! Stella thank dog you were there to help and encourage her! We do not get much ice in Albuquerque but momma is always afraid when the weather is bad that she will fall. We are so glad your mom is ok, if a bit bruised, and hope that your winter ends soon so that there is no more slippery sidewalk stuff. Sending White Dog positive energy and safe travel vibes.

  19. In our house momma believes that there is no more important holiday than each of our own special days, our birthdays (or Gotcha Days). We usually spend the entire week celebrating culminating with a big party. The actual day we usually reserve for just us family to spend time together all day doing the birthday person's favoriest things.

  20. Are you better yet, Stella's Mommy?

  21. I hope your Momma is better now. I'm pretty sure the goose egg is all gone.

    So don't worry too much Stella, that licking that you did pretty much helped your momma get up.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  22. I second the YakTraks! One of my AABs wears those in the winter (although we didn't have much winter this year) so she doesn't get all slippy on the ice. She's kind of klutzy; maybe that's a human thing? Anyhoo, glad Jo didn't (except for the egghead) mess anything up falling like that.

    Hi Ziva! *headbutts*

  23. Happy to hear a full recovery! Ice happens!! Just wish it would happen somewhere else!