Dad and Stubby

Hi Everyone!

Thanks for your nice response to our new blog.  You will be seeing more of Stella and Zkhat but I have one more old picture I want to show you.  Remember, these are pictures of pictures so the quality really is not good at all, but you can get an idea.

I told you that my Grandpa gave me Stubby the Boston Terrier when I was just a year old and he loved me a whole lot.  But he loved my Dad best of anybody in the world.  My Dad was a plumber, he had big hands and fingers and when he wanted Stubby to come, all he had to do was SNAP HIS FINGERS.  It made a  loud noise and Stubby came running from wherever he heard that sound.  When we were about five, I was so jealous of this, I used to lay in bed at night trying to snap my fingers, and could not do it.
My Dad used to go all around our town on various jobs and every once in a while Stubby would pick up his scent and happily track him down into a cafe where he would be having coffee and a doughnut.
(No leash law in those days so dogs just traveled around town).  Dad would share a piece of his pastry with the dog which endeared him even more to his favorite person.  When they were done, Dad would put him in his truck and drop him off at home. 
Then Stubby would come up on the porch, scratch at the door and my Mom would let him in, where he would have a good drink of water and go take a long nap.  Then he would come and find me wherever I was playing, not as much fun as Dad, but OK. He was a character but everybody loved him.

Jo, Stella and Zkhat


  1. Sort of like Wilf with the pastries!!

  2. I love the photo! Your story harkens back to a different time when dogs had the run of neighborhoods and just came and went as they wished. We had dogs like that in my neighborhood when I was growing up... Now, I wonder how they survived without getting hit by cars or eating bad stuff. But, they did!

    Thanks for the story!

  3. Yes I too thought of Wilf and his croissants. What a lovely, carefree life Stubby enjoyed.

  4. It's so nice to have good memories like this. Thank you for sharing!

  5. We just love stories of memories from the past. Stubby sounds like he really loved your Dad. Your Dad looks like he was a very tall man. Thanks for another lovely memory shared.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  6. Thanks a lot for sharing those very good memories!
    Stubby sure was a great boy!
    Kisses and hugs

  7. Hi Jo and Stella and Ali Z!!! Thanks fur letting us know about your new bloggy. We really enjoyed reading about your dad and Stubby, and really REALLY loved the previous post of the memories surrounding the photo of Jo as a girl. My mom loves old photos, and the stories behind them, so they made her happy.

    Lots of love to you all,
    Cloud and his mom (and Boomer, too!)

    PS. Hey Stella, please give Ali Z a BIG kiss from me, I know how much she missed me, BOL!

  8. Ah! I found you speedy quick. THANKS fur the nice thoughts fur my Ernie.

  9. Hi Jo and Stella,
    Yep they were good days, you bring good memories back. When dogs followed kids to school and would not be chased home.
    No traffic to worry about, dogs just came and played. No body was shouting for them or trying to catch them like I see now. They used to follow people to work and hang about outside.
    So our change has changed some dogs who run away from owners.
    Licks Bobby

  10. Hi Jo, stella and AliZ, we got your email! So glad to have you back! The new blog looks fantastic and I am Mum have really enjoyed reading the two little stories, more like that please!

  11. I remember those days when my dig wandered free. Also she went in the neighborhood diner with me and laid under the table while I ate. When she, Zelda, would see my Grandfather's car parked on the street, she'd jump in the window and let him drive her home. Yes, we left cars unlocked with the windows down then, too.

    Rob says to tell you those malt balls are great.

  12. The world was so different then. We have traded innocence and sense of belonging for what? Plasma screen TVs? thanks for reminding us of a gentler day.

    Your winter weather makes the entire WDA shiver. Even when we go for hikes with dad into the snowy mountains, we INSIST on blasting heat and warm chai after. You are of sturdier stuff that us. Hope Spring comes early!

  13. no leash laws.... now those were the days!

    We dropped by to say that Target is much better. Thanks for the purrs!

  14. Stubby sounds adorable! What a great companion!
    Hey....winter has finally caught up with us. :(

  15. I have left you an award. Visit my post today so you can pick it up. Thank you for having a PAWsome Blog!

    Amber DaWeenie

  16. Oh, I agree, sweet story. I LIKE Stubby and your dad.